The Alpha-Male, Where Art Thou?

Alpha male (noun): The dominant member in a group of men. Holds strong influence over group activities. Has priority pick when it comes to sex with women

Oh, baby. Who doesn’t love an Alpha-male? He’s tall, elegant, classy, persuasive, in control of his environment and can bust some ass (not physically, but like a buyout or something). But he’s a mysterious creature. These days, our American culture has virtually crucified the Alpha male, who is usually seen as robust, muscular, with sharp facial features, hairy chest and dark, alluring eyes. Have you seen the ads lately? All beta men—smaller, feminine, more passive.

Every man wants to be an Alpha Male, but few are chosen. Bill Clinton is the poster boy for the modern Alpha Male. Donald Trump, Puff, CEOs, Executive VPs, and the like may be Alpha males. George W Bush is not an Alpha Male.

Back to the mystery. These men are hard to contain. Hard dogs to keep on the porch. But they’re providers and find meaning in their role as men, and need a woman who can compliment his role. He’s not the typical man. Alphas can be quiet (some can be very boisterous), reserved, loners, and disconnected. They are best when they are asked to lead at work, at home, etc. Another thing about Alpha males is that they don’t talk a lot. When he talks, people listen because it’s important. He believes, that no matter how confident and assertive a woman appears, she can never be more of a man than he is. An Alpha male is not intimidated—at all. He welcomes it.

When I spot an Alpha-male, I can smell his unique pheromones from feet away. I stand taller, I walk differently, and I feel totally vulnerable. My eggs are spinning wanting to jump out at him for fertilization. Instant fertilization. I want to be conquered. That’s what an Alpha male can do.

What the Alpha Male loves among a few other things, is the Alpha female. She’s the one who protects the genetic integrity of his gene pool. He gets that. He understands her mating needs for a virile, protective, financially secure male. She understands the value of success not only at home, but in business, for that is what she cares mostly about, it is what makes her love her Alpha Male, and he knows this. The drive, the passion, the goals is what he feeds off. It’s the oil in his motor. In the mating process, the Alpha Male, when there is no Alpha Female (because they are few) will choose what’s left. He’s okay with quantity over quality. Puffy. Check. Donald Trump. Check. Can have several women throughout his life, give birth to his progeny, but if with one woman, he may want several children. I call it “super sperm”. Men, who feel their sperm has that “specialness”. You may call it “horny”. But it’s deeper than that. The Alpha Female’s role is to crush her female competition and get the Alpha Male to accept her for “genetic monogamy.” Now, how ‘ya like that?


  1. Zabeth says:

    True. I do think the Donald\’s oldest son, Donald Jr., does have alpha tendencies and Ivanka definitely. Bryant’s oldest daughter maybe be a little alpha in the making- it takes a lot of guts to ask the president and vice president to buy your girl scout cookies.

    As they say in the 48 Laws of Power, it’s best to stay out of the shadow of a great man- unless you can do things bigger and better than he can. I think that\’s a mistake many make- they try to follow in their fathers’ footsteps instead of doing their own thing.

  2. Maryann says:

    I think if we look at some notable politicians and famous men you will see that their sons or daughters are way more low key or beta-like. It is very often hard for offspring to live in the shadows of an alpha because they can be domineering and make you always second think yourself. For instance, I couldn’t imagine Bill Clinton having a son just like him. Check out Donald Trump. Hardly ever see his sons, and he has some! Decidely quiet and behind the scenes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great post. This remind me of myself. Just without the money which I expect to get at some point in my career. However, I searching for my bottom b or a super bottom b (alpha female).

    Loving a bottom b

  4. Leah Mullen says:

    Excellent blog–VERY funny. But doesn’t the typical alpha female/male want someone who will “serve” them for lack of a better word?

    Seems like with two alphas in the same house, there would be constnt power struggles. Unless of course you choose roles. One is the Alpha spouse when it comes to A,B and C and the other is Alpha when it comes to D, E and F.

  5. Maryann says:

    Dont worry ya’ll the comment above that address Alpha Females as “lonely” cat ladies is from a bitter beta man.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alpha males rule! we like our women strong enough to handle our masculine demands as well as check us when need be. If you are a single, career minded goal orientated Alpha Female holla at a player!!!You gotta have your own to get at mine.

  7. Anonymous says:

    All this alpha male-female talk is making me wonder why if all these alpha females love them some alpha man so much then why are most of the alpha females ALONE? It is quite obvious Alpha males are choosing Beta females to co-habitate with.Ei; Will and Jada,Jay and Beyonce,Denzel and Paula,and the list goes on. And if you think Kimora is your poster girl, that african cat she hooked up with after Russell AINT no ALPHA male. RUSSELL and Porsha= ALPHA + BETA. GEt over it Alphas want betas. The proof is in the pudding MARYANN!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    An Alpha male can be broke, but even in their broke times, they act like a million. AND NO YOU CANNOT STUDY HOW TO BE AN ALPHA MALE. BE YOU!

  9. julie, b-moore says:

    Maryann, good point about the ads. What is up with all the feminine, whimpy, depiction of men these days, look at the MAC guy! LOL

  10. Detroit (yeah, I know) says:

    where can i meet these men because i am in detroit and they are called THUGS here…i need one in a suit!

  11. Anonymous says:

    WHat I like most about alpha males is that they dont talk alot of shit, they will tell you how it is whether you like it or not and dont try to oversensitive everything, nothing worse than a man who is all in your head, i need a man who can give me the space to be who i can be, alphas do that, go alphas!

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