The Alpha-Beta Relationship: Brad & Angelina

Oh my.  So, you thought an alpha female and a beta man could never really work?  You thought that she’d eat him alive, over, and over again.  Well, Brad is still standing.

Here’s the crux:  Many alpha females need a foundation.  They can’t find it in another alpha male unless he surrenders some part of himself.  Some will, if you are lucky.  But in this case, Brad, like a true beta came waving a white flag.  He needs very little of anything, but a strong woman to nail his ass down.  Not nail it down because he’s bad, but give his life meaning, focus, maybe even a new identity.

Jennifer was neither.  I don’t know enough about her to peg her, but from my estimation she’s just not edgy enough to be an alpha female.  She’s very “safe”.  Very textbook, dare I say, even pedestrian.  She put the needs of her marriage and Brad’s baby making desires on the backburner for a career that never really took off.  Or did it?  Is she on hiatus (again)?

What Brad, and most beta men need are alpha females who spice up their daily, meager existence.  Who else could make a married man leave his wife for a woman with orphans?  You become the beta’s man world, their social calendar, the axis they revolve around.    In turn, you define him, and accept his 100 percent devotion and vulnerabilities.  Have you seen the funky hairdos and facial hair Brad’s experimented with in the last few years?  Him admitting his love affair with weed?  The man has been set free.   If you think about it, it’s a nice balance.  He needs security, you need grounding.  What good is an alpha female who is walking around all secure and siddity and no where to root herself?

Don’t get me wrong.  An alpha male is still my preference, but it is quite a tussle getting them around your finger.  They fuss, complain, retreat, come back again, until you finally wear them down.  So, if you have the patience, bless your heart.

If not, do you like Angelina did, and get yourself a Brad.


  1. AJJ says:

    She is now the 20 million dollar woman and I am so proud to have her as a spokesperson for our gender! I can’t wait until this co-dependent Twilight female nonsense stops, bring on more heroines (sp) please!

  2. Miss Andi K. says:

    LOL, I need to locate that one AJJ.

    Thanks Zabeth, I will definitely check that one out. 🙂

  3. AJJ says:

    @Miss Andi K

    I’m not sure if he is an alpha or a beta, MaryAnn presented a pretty good argument for him being an alpha. Regardless I’m definitely impressed by Hilary for putting up with all his nonsense…he would’ve been kicked the heck out of my house. I like my betas with a adventurous with a dash of undying affection.

  4. Miss Andi K. says:


    are you saying you think Bill Clinton is an Alpha? I would have to disagree, it appears that Hillary and her family created him from the dust. She seems to wear the pants in that relationship. There is a hilarious clip floating around on the net of him leaning in to kiss her, and she straight steps away and turns her head in disgust. Its very telling about who is in the driver’s seat of that partnership.

    As for Alpha-Beta liasons, I am learning that given my Alpha personality, I HAVE to have a strong Beta. Alpha men truly need a woman that has no desire to “outshine” them in any way shape of form. Its truly something that science should examine, but it never fails, that Alpha’s and I are the best of friends, but romantically, we never work. So, I guess I wholly concur with Worthy.

    I’m willing to test drive a book or two. I will pick that one up.

  5. Maryann says:

    @Zabeth, I haven’t heard of the book. Would love if “someone” can a do a review? (hint, hint)

    I do believe for relationship success someone has to rule, but rule at what costs? Sometimes women choose bad rulers. The best ruler is a kind, loving, man you will always trust him.

  6. Zabeth says:

    Has anyone here read “Getting To I Do” by Dr. Pat Allen? I think it speaks to the dominant male or the dominant female relationship and mirrors the discussion we’re having here.

  7. AJJ says:

    Thank you for covering this! Your response was 100000000x better and more in depth than any of the reasons I had thought of. IMO the Alpha-Beta relationships are the healthiest ones I’ve been exposed to in my life and I have 0% romantic tolerance for Alpha males. I personally give two thumbs up to all alpha females who have the patience to stay with an alpha male. In the words of Lady Gaga “I’m married to my career because it will never wake up in the morning an tell me it doesn’t love me anymore.” Neither will a beta male, not to an alpha female anyway (betas are too scared of certain death from a pissed off alpha tigress). Brad Pitt, yes please. Bill Clinton….I’ll pass.

  8. Worthy says:

    I am currently in a relationship with a Beta, and it is incredibly fulfilling that in my busy lifestyle I am able to not compete with someone to hold a conversation. He isn’t a “project” like lower level males, and he isn’t a headache like Alpha males. He enjoys what I talk about with him, and he has elevated himself to a higher level because of me. And that isn’t an assumption, that is something he has said to me after promotions, dressing better, caring more about his health, and becoming more confidant in himself as well. An Alpha female-Beta male relationship is fantastic.

  9. amber says:

    Great post. I’ve tried being with a beta, and the stability dimension of the relationship was good for me…..but……after awhile I missed the excitement of being with an alpha….the feeling of being with someone can keep up with me & push my limits (or make me see that there are none).

    Betas are great for restoration….renewal….retreat. Not too sure if they can permanently satisfy me though…or maybe I haven’t met the right beta YET. I think I enjoy the ‘alpha tussle’ lol. :o)

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