Thai Silk Magic

A good quality scarf is an essential accessory as they are versatile and easy to keep.  Scarves can be used for any occasion like weddings, celebrations, work, play or other events.  Scarves are a perfect accessory to dress up an outfit or even dress down for a relaxed look.

Thai Silk Magic is a website dedicated to improving the lives of women, their community and selling wonderful, handmade scarves, wraps and fabrics to the world.  Their silk scarves use only natural dyes for colors and that makes their products of the highest quality.  Even more, Thai silk is also eco-friendly.  Thai Silk Magic products have a LIFETIME customer satisfaction guarantee. Profits are shared with their Thai community project and with the village to improve the lifestyle and education.  One of the best things about the site is a page dedicated to telling the story of their Thai village where the people who make the scarves live.  It definitely helps to see where the money is going.

A beautiful “Burnt Sienna Scarf” is only $17 and it is 100 percent silk and perfect for casual or semi formal occasions.  A “Wild Wisteria” wrap is beautifully made by Thai Silk’s founder and Master Weaver.

Thai Silk Magic has a blog and plenty of information and resources to get to know the villagers and their mission.  It is a wonderful place to go and buy something beautiful, but give back, too.

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