Texts From Last Night

drunk-textingOkay, so I was sent this website the other day called Texts From Last Night.

I mean, can you basically just start a website or company about anything right now?  🙂  An alpha gets drunk like anybody else, but there is always a little voice that says “Maybe I’ll be famous one day?” that prevents them from texting info that can be used against them for their election or fundraising efforts.  Or simply famous because they are married to someone who is.  In certain industries, these types of faux paux can ruin careers.

Well, I sorted out some of the best texts. They are all unrelated except those grouped together.

(780): Did we use protection last night?
(1-780): Um, no…keep in touch, okay?


(317): Just looked at my call log. I called Planned Parenthood at 3am.


(937): i just threw up in a potted plant at home depot


(304): I can’t belive they dont sell booze Sunday mornings. I mean some of us have to work


(678): All she gave me for breakfast was raw toast. How can she expect me to eat raw toast?
(404): You mean bread?


(443): shhh. i hid the ranch dip behind the rooster. don’t tell anyone that way you can find it in the morning and it won’t be all eaten.
(610): wrong number but thanks


Care to share yours from last night?  LOL.  Post here or there.

Here’s mine, not exactly earth shattering:  “oops missed this was eating, ok”


  1. Athena Nike says:

    “we meeting soon pastor done took joyce to her civilized limit”
    “joyce who”
    “cuz joyce so there will be a meeting to pull together evidence for … n …”
    “oh wow …is sue there coz she gots lots of info hahaha”

    so as you see we are plotting a coup, or preparing a strongly worded letter…

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