Taking Your Fertility into Your Own Hands–Freeze!

Get One Of These Without The Rush!

By Guest Blogger Zabeth

What do you when you haven’t met him yet?  And don’t want to rush?!  You freeze your eggs.

It’s called Oocyte cryopreservation.  Many women who’ve gone through the procedure say that they have a sense of relief afterward. They felt like they could focus more on their relationships and not be in such a rush to move things along.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not for women who are infertile. Egg freezing is the process of extracting eggs from your ovaries and slowly freezing them for fertilization at a later date.  It was originally intended for cancer patients whose treatments could potentially leave them infertile.

The process is still being studied by the A.S.R.M. (American Society for Reproductive Medicine link) in that safety and efficacy must be evaluated through further research. But the procedure does allow women to take better control of their fertility options and helps maximize opportunities for motherhood.

As of 2007, 900 babies have been born worldwide through frozen eggs. That may not sound like a lot but you should take into consideration:

·         -There are still thousands of eggs that are still frozen and have not yet been used.

·         -Some women wait until their late 30s to freeze (age and egg quality are correlated).

·         -Sometimes it just doesn’t take.

Egg freezing success is strongly correlated with age (the age of the egg when it’s extracted). It is recommended for women to consider freezing before age 38. Some eggs won’t survive freezing, thawing, or be successfully fertilized.  It typically takes between 12 and 14 eggs (fewer if you’re younger) to have good chances of success.

The process involves taking drugs (hormones and birth control pills) over the course of two to four weeks to stimulate (multiple) ovulation.   So don’t plan any vacations around that time!   It can be an invasive process.  Once matured, the eggs are removed through the vagina using an ultrasound guided needle. The eggs are then slowly frozen and stored for in vitro fertilization (IVF) at a later date.  For more information about the process click here. Some clinics may also require counseling before you undergo the procedure. The complete process (counseling, testing, blood work, hormone shots, ultrasounds, and extraction) takes about 3 months.

Egg freezing isn’t cheap costing between $9000 and $14,000 (this also does not include storage fees and IVF); however, some clinics do offer financing. Moreover, your medical insurance may cover some procedures. It may be worth reading through your insurance policy or having a talk with your HR representative.  When considering a clinic look for one with a track record. Doctors should readily share data on their websites or in their offices.

Freezing eggs leaves a lot of women feeling empowered in their personal lives and relationships; however, some boyfriends feel threatened and expendable.   With all of the pressures woman today face, freezing your eggs is hopefully one of the many options available that will allow you to take better control of your fertility and create the family you desire–at your own pace.

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  1. BB says:

    I mostly agree with THC and Brian but please realize that meeting men and pursuing marriage/family life the old fashioned way is Plan A for most women. All Zabeth appears to be doing is reminding us of one of our other options. Doesn’t an alphanista always have a Plan B or C? Why leave something as serious and life-changing as child-bearing up to chance? (True, these alternative methods are not a sure thing. But, few things in life are…) Even if she chooses not to exercise her options, she should be aware of their existance and make her decisions ahead of time. Why not hope for the best (Plan A) but prepare for the worst?

  2. Ms Stiletto says:

    Isn’t that what “octomom” did? Freeze her eggs and then did IVF. Well Im not saying I agree but just be careful what u wish for.

  3. Zabeth says:

    “Infertility in older women is usually due to an aging uterus and not the eggs. ”

    That’s not entirely true. There are women in their 50s (one case in India of a woman as old as 75) who become pregnant through IVF and carry the child to term. Also, if one your concerns is being able to have a child that is biologically yours, you can still use your frozen eggs but have a surogate carry the child.

    Egg freezing isn’t a guarantee of anything, it’s just another option for women to consider.

  4. Before I became a hooker, I was totally self-conscious about talking to men. Now that I got a little game under my belt, I can approach them and not stutter.

    Whenever you’re in the presence of a man, just bring up some current events. Right now, Michael Jackson and Obama are hot topics, just talk about that shit and get some dialog going. If your feeling the dude, just ask him for his number. If he’s unavailable, OH WELL, move on and say nice talking to you!

  5. But freezing your eggs will not guarantee that your body with be able to carry a child once you get a certain age. Infertility in older women is usually due to an aging uterus and not the eggs. That’s probably the real reason why there are only 900 successful pregnancies.

    If you are a healthy 20-36 year old, just take your time a find a man.

    If you just want a baby and don’t have a man in mind, seek a healthy sperm donor.

    *FYI* Maybe a woman’s standards is what’s keeping her single and childless.

    Broaden your horizons.

  6. Zabeth says:

    I agree with THC and Jada. Women do need to be more upfront with men about what they want in relationships. If a man isn’t willing to give you the relationship you want, move on and stop wasting time. And women do need to have standards with regard to the types of men they want to have in their lives. But at the same token a woman who is currently in a committed, long term, relationship with a man isn’t going to be able to relate very well to the trials of the single woman for the simple fact that they’re not currently living life as a single woman. Times have changed, even from just a few years ago.

  7. Brian says:

    @ Jada…

    I don’t think THC is telling you to lower your standards, but to communicate those standards early so that you can move on to the next one. As a man, I don’t understand why its so hard for women to meet men. Here is a clue – some of the best men out there are shy and not comfortable just rolling up on you whether you look like Beyonce or Wanda – it doesn’t matter. So women, get out of this mindset that Hollywood has fed you that men are supposed to make moves and go around and introduce yourself and start a conversation.

    You’ll know very quickly if he’s either into you or a loser. Hell, you’ll either meet Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now, or Mr. Can Help Me Find A Better Job. All pluses in my book.

    So, Jayda – how many men have you met today. If the answer is zero – I challenge you to approach a man (brother or other – depending on your “standards.”) without a ring on, on your way home. Ask his name, occupation, and his relationship status. (not all robotic) If they fit your standards, exchange a number or email address and call it a day.

    Trust me, a week of that and you’ll have either a man – or several dates for you to choose one from.

    If that doesn’t work – get the 9Tuesdays book.

  8. jada says:


    You are talking like a woman who has a man and a child already. You will NEVER understand how it is to be a single woman with NO children who desperately wants them, and is NOT SURE she will ever have them. No idea. It’s NOT that simple. Have you heard of standards?

  9. Umm, all this science fiction stuff makes me uneasy.

    Just take your time and find the right guy.

    Don’t read any more self help or Steve Harvey books that got you playing all kinds of stupid mind games with men. Just come straight out and tell them what you’re looking for.

    Want a family? TELL HIM
    Want to get married? TELL HIM
    Want to build a future? TELL HIM

    Don’t beat around the bush cause you don’t want to come off as vulnerable or desperate. TELL HIM! If he gets scared of commitment…FUCK HIM and move on!

    We got to stop all this monkey business!

    Go out and meet men, make yourself physically and emotionally approachable.

    Keep your options open.

    Build a profile on Eharmony.com and start interacting.

    Go to singles nights at your church

    Meet that good man, get some lovin and have a baby!

    It really is that simple!

  10. aimee says:

    I never even thought about this! If I ever come into 10K this is going to be an option. I am sure my healthcare coverage will provide at least most. What a relief it would be to date a man without rushing about getting married and pregnant.

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