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Are Alpha Females Happier Than Other Women?

success1When anyone asks me what I want out of life, I say: to have a successful life.

I don’t say to be “this” or to be “that”.   But to be successful in everything I do and in things I haven’t yet imagined.

When you see friends around you advancing to the next stage in a swift, effortless manner, others getting promoted, or , just seeming more productive, you wonder how they do it, or when it will be your turn. Or perhaps, you’ve been doing all you can, but still not getting as far as you’d like.

I interviewed hundreds of women as a published author for St. Martins press and have been a guest on major shows like CNN, ABC NEWS 20/20, the CBS Early Show and writer for magazines like Glamour and Black Enterprise. While meeting successful women from all walks of life, I learned that they had a secret.

The secret is… the most successful women I have met had a formula no one else knew about, or a structured way of making things happen, and not waiting for them. They didn’t take more time to get things done, they just applied more energy. What would your life look like if you did that and it propelled you to the next level of your life? It could be that new home, husband, career, baby or anything that has been slipping through your fingers like water!

Not just any kind of life, but one rich with fulfillment, excitement, wonder, and security.   That’s the life of the most successful women have created for themselves.   Madonna, Oprah, Josephine Baker, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Coco Chanel, Martha Stewart, Mary J. Blige, etc. these are all women who overcame distraction and adversity to rise to the top of their game. They may have had a mentor, or a vision, even before they had a concrete plan. One thing all these women had in common was that they are all alpha females.  Unafraid and unapologetic.

They live from their strongest self, their alpha self. Based on my own research, alpha females are happier, are more likely to have fulfilling relationships with their partners and are more successful in their careers. The problem is, very few women are born alphas.

The great thing is that an alpha female can be made!  Fill out below to get this free report and

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Tip 14: How To Be An Alphanista

Stacy Dash

First and foremost an alpha-nista appreciates and plays up her feminine attributes at work, at home, at church, at the synagogue, wherever she is.

She is aware of the power she has over men, and other women.  Unlike many women who dress for approval of other women and to be complimented and accepted by them, alpha-nistas dress for their man of choice, the lifestyle they aspire to and for themselves.

Her sensuality is not hidden in a sweat suit or potato sack.  She can’t hide it.  It’s all over her.  She’s not a fashionista, necessarily, but she’s a smart woman.  She is aware of what perception means and how it can help her.  For instance, Stacy Dash has an ageless (partly due to genes of course), fresh look and is very comfortable being the apple of men’s eyes.  Notice I didn’t say “sex object”.   It’s a term other women created for other women who make them uncomfortable.  Dash is a good example of having equity.   Equity is all that hard work and attention an alpha-nista puts into her beauty, health and style regimen, so by the time she reaches her maturation date she can enjoy the benefits at a whole new level.

An alpha-nista is not the one to cry about “being judged by her looks” only.  She understands the the “looks” come from a greater value she places on herself and is the manifestation of extreme self care and inner growth.  She’s in touch with her menses, and knows exactly the dates she ovulates.  According to experts during a woman’s ovulation she is more attractive, her facial structure softens, and she attracts more men, is more creative, and is just carrying around a “happier” feeling due to increase in estrogen.  She uses this time to circulate, plan meetings and makes the most of it.  Do you know when you ovulate?  It’s called feminine power.

Whether it’s physical or outer beauty, an alpha-nista takes charge of her life.  With the life she leads, she hits alot of bumps in the road and is constantly challenged, but she uses what she has to get what she wants.   Along with proper diet, clothing and inner regimen her outer light never dims, even if it has inside.


Are Alpha Females Happier Than Other Women? Part II

An alpha female at work...Alpha female: An Alpha Female is a dominant female in a group. She dates as many males as she wants, is strong and confident, and a hard worker as well as often busy. She is usually sarcastic because she’s powerful and playful. Alpha Females are intelligent, intellectual problem solvers; an alpha understands that dressing up or sexy increases her power in society, so she does it.

There are so many reports out there about unhappy women.  At the New Year, many reassess that elusive “happy” feeling and how to get it.  More reports that say that men are happier than women these days.

How did that happen?  Weren’t men the ones who were overworked, sexually unfulfilled and harboring suppressed emotional and professional desires?  These days more women have great jobs, bodies, homes and cars than ever before.  But when the stats come in, they complain they want more.  More of what?  Men.  What else?  Money.  Anything more?  Better body.  So, what is stopping most of these women from attaining that?  Time.  That all makes perfect sense.  If you work 40-70 hours a week, how can anyone find time to go the gym and cook healthier meals without making a conscience effort.  An effort that probably was followed by months or even years of broken promises and stop and go instances.  If you don’t work, motivation is another issue.  What I’m saying is:  Everyone needs help.   Especially when it comes to focus and things to do.  This includes vision, a blueprint and a design for how you want your life, or even day to unfold.

What’s more important are the alpha qualities in a woman that makes this happen. The alpha qualities center around your strongest self.  It’s the self that is not afraid to mess up, takes a leap, a risk.  It even may get itself in trouble, in uncomfortable situations just to grow more confident and more resilient.  Living an “alpha” life is exciting, new, unpredictable, and full of happy surprises.  It’s not for everyone.

Some alpha females navigate with a “don’t care attitude”.  They seem to get everything with little effort.  They seem to get every man they meet to pop the question, every job that suits their needs, every opportunity that slips through the fingers of others.  At the end, they say, “Well, it just kinda happened.  I can’t explain.”  Other alphas have a more direct approach coupled with all kinds of lists, rituals, ideas, visions boards that keep them exactly in line.  Their plans come to pass, too.  Not to mention the alpha female’s uncanny ability to make men chase her.

This is not to say that everything an alpha desires she gets.  But what she doesn’t get, she learns to accept.  This is where others fail.  They keep chasing.  But an alpha remembers: “Flee from things that flee from thee.”  Or in others words–Keep it moving.

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An Alphanista vs. HMW


By Guest Blogger, Te-Erika Patterson

Although an Alphanista and an HMW (High Maintenance Woman) may bear remarkable similarities in appearance due to their immaculate flair for style and unflinching flock of followers, the buck stops there. When it comes to dealing with the various intricacies of life the two could not be more different in their approaches.

In friendships, the HMW requires devotion and attention. She must be complimented by her friends on every occasion and she seeks their approval when making decisions for her life, although she would never admit to it. She is fickle when it comes to relationships with women. If one of her so called friends does not consistently adore her, she will walk away without even so much as a goodbye, turning to others who will readily give her the admiration that she craves.

Although the Alphanista is usually the most dominant of her circle of friends, she leads in a covert way that is not demanding and allows those around her to believe that they are actually calling the shots. The Alphanista is turned off by women who cling to her every word and mimic her every move. She is supercharged most by fellowshipping with other Alphanistas whose inclination to make their unique mark on the world pushes her to want more and do more.

In business relationships, the HMW is a stickler for details. She is a very savvy business woman because she will cover all of the bases and is sure to get all of the facts before she makes a decision.

The Alphanista has an innate business instinct that she follows without fail. She knows where she is going and even when she is unsure of the steps necessary to get there, she trusts herself to make the best decisions for her life and career and is fueled by her independence. She doesn’t have to check with anyone before making a business move, she is confident enough to deal with any praise or repercussions that may be the result of her efforts.

The HMW is a slave to fashion trends. She is usually spotted on the front row of every fashion show or buying out all of the high end fashion magazines to keep pace with the changing times. She would never wear last season’s handbag or be caught dead breaking any of the many faux paus of style. You will always be impressed by the HMW when you see her at an event- and you should- she takes great effort to maintain her perfection.

The Alphanista usually sports a more classic looks than those regurgitating the fair weather style of the season. She laughs at the trend setters and their followers because she knows that trends are fleeting and require too much work to maintain. She often has a signature accessory like a scarf, perfume or pair of sunglasses which becomes well known as her trademark and is admired and copied by those wishing to be more like her.

When it comes to love and romance, the HMW can snag any man who is eager to feed her addiction to praise and approval. She is often lucky at love due to the fact that there are many men who cling to women who have the appearance of success. In relationships, the HMW is clearly the dominant force, however, she leads by making demands and punishing those who are unable to meet them. Submissive men are a good match for the HMW.

While the HMW is attracted to men who are eager to do her bidding, the Alphanista can not stand a man who is a go-to boy. She is also dominant in her countenance but she knows she can reach greater heights in life with a man who is just a bit more dominant than she is. He is a smooth individual who picks and chooses his battles carefully, knowing full well when to put the smack down and when to sit down and be quiet which delights the Alphanista because she never knows what to expect.

Which one are you?

To find out more about this guest blogger, please go to http://te-erika.blogspot.com/.

Depression Inspiration: The Disillusioned Alphanista

By Te-Erika Patterson

Yes, the Alphanista is delusional.

She has to be in this world. She recognizes that her ability to create the world around her is a direct reflection of her thoughts and perception so she perceives everything to b grand. Her morning cup of coffee or tea is a royal ritual in her mind. The world spins at her command, but on some days, even for the Alphanista, the carrousel stops.

What happens when the Alphanista wakes up to find that running her empire requires 26 hours a day and her husband is distant and cold due to his immense responsibilities? She’s over worked and feeling unappreciated because she cannot simply delegate her top priorities to others, no one can steer her ship like she can. She may feel like running away. The dream attained at last, doesn’t seem so dreamy after all.

“Who am I?” she may ask herself. “Who is this man I’m sleeping with? Where is the fairy tale I fought so hard for, prayed for and believed I deserved?”

At this point, the Alphanista has two choices, she can either, put on a brave (fake) face and continue the grind until her body reflects the condition of her heart or she will take a step back and take a much needed break. This may mean resigning from her charity work or putting a stop to the intense work out regimen she subjects herself to in order to whip her body into shape for the dream she envisions. She stands back and simply allows herself to be.

The process of BE~ING is the most difficult process that many can undertake. This fast paced society rings the alarm most ardently informing us that we are nothing if our bank accounts aren’t overflowing and our names aren’t in the society papers. We believe that to be admired and adored will lead to happiness, but really it leads to a never ending chase to maintain that status. Every award becomes outdated. Every gold medal loses its shine. So then what? What happens when the song you wrote starts falling off the charts? What happens when your last book isn’t even carried in book stores anymore? What happens when a younger Alphanista steps onto the scene and is now carrying the torch you used to claim?

Who are you then?

You are still the beautiful, amazing siren that you always knew you were. You created a fantasy life for yourself and many will admire your accomplishments for years to come. Now you are faced with the task of redefining your idea of success. This is when many Alphanista’s who claimed they never wanted children, yearn to have some of their own. Yet, this is still another way of hiding behind another role. “I am someone’s Mom,” you may say. But that doesn’t really define you.

YOU define you. You are a culmination of your likes and dislikes, your fears and your hopes, your past and your expectations. That is quite enough, my darling. Get off of that rollercoaster ride to your superficial idea of success. If you have friends you can trust, a partner who makes you feel safe and supported and the ability to pamper yourself from time to time, you are rich indeed.

Now is the time to educate yourself. Seek the wisdom of the ancient traditions from faraway lands. Seek inner peace through learning to enjoy time alone. Practice being still. Be still. Watch as the world moves around you. Smile as the younger Alphanista’s grind and bop and dream their lofty dreams, remembering when you too were just as ambitious and hopeful. You understand where they are going and you know that eventually they will reach the place where you are today. Let them have the fantasy because looking back, wasn’t it such a sweet, sweet ascension filled with adventure and drama and honor? It was worth it. It is time for the next phase of your life. This phase begins with knowing that the honor you give yourself is the most valuable award you will ever receive.

Te-Erika Patterson frequently writes blog posts for Alphanista.  To learn more about her visit her at www.te-erika.blogspot.com.


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