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Dating Obama: An Alphanista’s Search

By Te-Erika Patterson

The Alphanista is fascinated by the relationship between our President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The First Lady and her husband are an Alphanista match made in heaven.  With her strength, will and support, he has accomplished a feat that many never thought was possible. Despite walking into the aftermath of a failing economy and many nay sayers, he has stood firm in his strategic plan of reform. Together, they have made history and inspired a new romantic fantasy.

The election of our country’s first Black president has had a slow leaking effect on African Americans nationwide. After the inception of this website which speaks to women who strive to recognize and utilize their innate powers to create their best lives, thousands of women have emerged expressing their gratitude for a website that caters to their idealized lifestyle as well as appreciating the guidance, entertainment and encouraging words of those who are currently walking the path.

Many expressed a desire for guidance on how to attract their ideal mate and the staff at Alphanista crafted a plan to help connect them.

In January 2011, we will feature our very first Alphanista Eligible Bachelor of The Month. This monthly feature will profile the country’s finest, most successful men who, much like President Barack Obama, are poised to contribute greatness to this society. He is a man clothed in accomplishment who adds value to his community. We believe that President Obama’s prominence has ignited a new fire in African American women and men. No longer are we looking toward top billing entertainers as representatives of our voice; our voice has changed. It is now being bellowed from the mountain tops from men and women who value education, creative entrepreneurship and a strong business acumen grounded in the belief that we can achieve our heart’s desires by sheer will power and active faith. These are the type of men that would make an Alphanista drool.

Do you know a future Barack Obama who is remarkable beyond measure? If you or someone you know meets these criteria, please send us an email at alphamales@alphanista.com with contact information and a brief paragraph explaining why they should be featured as an Eligible Bachelor. The chosen participants will receive special surprises and an award from our site which gives them the grade A stamp of approval from Alphanistas across the globe.

  • Must be a Male
  • Single
  • Hold a Masters Degree or higher in any field (Entrepreneurship may be substituted for education)
  • Charming
  • A leader in any civic, social or business organization
  • Age 30 and older
  • At least 2 years as an entrepreneur or in an executive position
  • Spiritually grounded

Te-Erika Patterson frequently writes blog posts for Alphanista.  To learn more about her visit her at www.te-erika.blogspot.com.