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Obama’s Message to White Fathers…

Okay, so we heard about his Father’s Day speech calling on black fathers that got many people’s feathers ruffled, including Jesse Jackson’s. But what about if he gave that speech to white fathers? What if instead of Black in America, we can have specials on White in America. I received an email this morning. Here’s an excerpt of the article w/some real statistics:

What if statistics showed that “white young people are over twice as likely than black young people to drive drunk, a third more likely to carry a weapon, three times more likely to binge drink, and twice to four times more likely (depending on the drug) to use cocaine, coke, inhalants, steroids, hallucinogens, and methamphetamines?” That’s precisely what the statistics say – which should be a signal for Barack Obama to begin paying visits to white churches to low-rate the fathers of the congregations. We can hear it now: “Clearly you, white parents, need to stop being shiftless and take care of your responsibilities. You are failing your children.” But don’t bet on it. Things like that only happen in works of satire…

You can read the rest here.

REWIND: The 10 Things That Obama Did Right

With today’s inauguration, it’s only right that we reflect on what President Obama did right. (Tangent: I’m mad at how they tripped him up during the oath though!)

There’s something we can learn from Barack, and it ain’t got nothing to do with running for the presidency.  He’s the “new” black.  The way he talks, moves, and positions himself is something he has used since his days at Harvard.  He has this “thing” about him that makes “others” feel comfortable.  He does this without seeming sambo-ish or like he’s surfing for white people’s acceptance.  He remains who he is.  This is something that many folks, especially black men, can learn from.  Black women, well, we have Michelle (link to my 10 Things We Can Learn From Michelle Obama post).  Here are the things Barack rocked:

1. He didn’t talk to Black People.  He turned down Tavis Smiley’s The State of the Black Union for the much safer, quieter, inclusive forum of the NAACP.  Though other reasons were stated for him skipping Tavis’ conference, talking to the NAACP is not the same as talking to a room of regular folks.  This was a smart move. He gave a general speech not necessarily about being Black, and skipped talking about black issues.  Slick willie.  He skipped Jena Six.  Too messy, too loud.  Skipped Sharpton. He keeps his slate clean and focused.

2. He’s not fat.  According to stats, the majority of Black Americans are overweight.  I cannot tell you how many overweight black men over 40 I see walking up and down the streets like it’s 1993 and Biggie was back.  It’s not cute anymore.  It’s unhealthy.  And no, you’re not built “like a football player”. Barack looks lean, fit, and of good genetic make up.

3. He isn’t easily offended like most black people, or so it seems.  There were several times Barack could have blasted the negative comments about him, took out op-eds in the blackest of black newspapers and radio commentary but he didn’t.  And he could have, and no white person would have done anything about it for fear of being called a “racist”.  Too many black people are crippled by what white people say and think about them.  They show it too much.  They flinch too fast.  Not Barack.

4. He’s a bargainer.  He’s a man who was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.  This isn’t a man who is used to pissing people off.  He bargains for his position.  This is his stance:  Don’t fuck with me, and I won’t fuck with you.  And he means it, when others don’t.  Let’s just get along, to play along.”  He’s not stuck on what’s right or wrong for “black” Obama, he’s about winning.

5. He dated…Michelle.  He didn’t drag her along on some merciless 10 year relationship until he got his career together.  He saw her as part of the journey, not the destination.  Too bad, too many folks don’t know that it’s okay not to have it all at once.

6. He went to Hawaii and not Martha’s Vineyard for the summer.  We know Hawaii is where his fam is from.  The Vineyard is where about 75% of bourgeoisie black folk go for the summer.  He didn’t go.  Because if he did, he would have made the bourgeosie black folk who go even snobbier.  I could hear it at Nancy’s, “Girl, Barack was just here and he don’t look the same in person…”

7. He wrote a few books and didn’t name it anything “black.”  It wasn’t named The Audacity of a Brother.

8. He’s affectionate.  On stage you can see the intimacy Michelle and he have.  The way his hand rests on the arch of her lower back, or his arms around her shoulders, and the kisses on her cheek.  He’s not afraid to show it.  Makes us think he’s still putting it down in the bedroom.  Must be nice.  To run the country, you want a president who is taking his medicine.  There’s nothing scarier than an un-sexed man, they are capable of anything.

9. He has no children out of wedlock.  Thanks to Barack, the Black out of wedlock rate is only 68%, instead of 69%.

10. He’s never been shot.  At all.

No (Real) Hope And Change

By Guest Blogger Zabeth

Obama is not a savior he’s a politician. If you don’t see that by now- I don’t know what to tell you.

It was annoying last Tuesday night listening to people explain away Republican Senator Scott Brown’s  win in Massachussets. Instead of looking at the situation as a referendum on Obama’s presidency and what is and isn’t working, people made it about racism and sexism, referencing the old adage that “Black people have to work twice as hard and blah blah.”

Someone described Brown’s win as the “revenge of Sarah Palin;” but that begs the question, are Obama, Brown, and Palin that much different? Are their qualifications and legislative experiences that varied? Another person tweeted “Sometimes I feel that the mainstream media is invested in having Pres. Obama fail.” The mainstream media has consistently been in the tank for Obama- they helped him win the election. CNN even fact checked a Saturday Night Live skit about Obama. Obama wouldn’t have won the presidency without the support of the media and a substantial number of white people. This isn’t about racism or the media it’s about Obama not living up to the hype.

The fact that Obama has backed away from many campaign promises can no longer be ignored. We’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan- with a troop surge. The future of Guantanamo is in question. Regarding health care, Obama promised that the debate would be open and moderated by the people; closed door and back room deals are what we got instead.

In his first month in office Obama outspent Bush, plunging the country further into debt. Instead of owning up to the economic problems facing the country he continues to blame the previous administration. This is not to say that the Bush administration isn’t at fault, but at some point you must take responsibility for your policies and decisions and how well they have and/or haven’t worked. Obama further discredited himself by appointing a man who couldn’t pay his own taxes as head of the Treasury- a man who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) pay his taxes is now responsible for establishing tax policy. For someone who believes in “spreading the wealth” Obama certainly has a hard time finding policy makers who put that theory into practice.

Too many African Americans think that because we now have a black president all of our problems will be solved- this without doing any individual self reflection. This type of mindset is dangerous. It’s no surprise that the Black community is still largely in the same situation we were in in 2009. Obama was elected as America’s president, therefore his focus will be issues of prime importance to the country and not African American issues alone. He can’t afford to show favoritism.

Obama has lost clout for many reasons. It’s even becoming questionable whether or not his own party still respects him. The Republican win in Massachusetts signals a change in American politics; disenchanted Americans who were promised hope and change but instead got more of the same.

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Weekend Rewind: Why I’m A Conservative


By Guest Blogger, Zabeth

Yes, I’m black and I voted Republican in the last 2 elections.

I consider myself a conservative before a Republican as most Republicans in office aren’t true conservatives. I’ll use the following definitions:

Conservatism- a political philosophy supporting a fiscal policy rooted in small government, laissez fair capitalism, and supply-side economics.

Liberalism- a political philosophy emphasizing redistribution of wealth and regulation of business and other forms of economic interventionism, believed to be in the public interest.

There are many reasons why I identify myself as a conservative; however, most of my conservatism revolves around personal and fiscal responsibility:

Personal Responsibility

You make your bed, you lie in it. A true Alpha is responsible for their life and their destiny. You’re situation is the result of your decisions and the consequences of those decisions. Nobody else is responsible for your life.


I was a liberal for most of my life. It wasn’t until I left the college bubble and entered the real world where I had to pay taxes and Mommy wasn’t around to augment my finances that I changed over. That’s when I started paying attention to where the money I earned went. I think people should be able to keep as much of their earnings as possible. I like having choice about where I spend the money I make; whether it is on me, my family, or a charity of my choice.

Capitalism Is STILL King

I have not given up on Capitalism as the ideal economic model. I believe it provides the greatest opportunity to develop wealth- especially for minorities. How many American millionaires can you name that came from nothing opposed to European ones? The wealthy in Europe are more likely to have been born into their wealth whereas wealthy Americans come from all different backgrounds.

Limited Government Equals Greater Freedom

Government is not the solution to every problem so stop expecting it to be. Big government means that government is involved in every aspect of your life thus you have diminished freedom. This also costs you money as a large government has to maintain itself; hence your paycheck shrinks. I want government out of my wallet, my bedroom, and my doctor’s office. I want less government in my life, not more of it. Government’s purpose should be to provide a national defense, maintain a criminal justice system, and oversee necessary regulation- that does not include most of the entitlements and policies currently in place.

Stop Hating On the Rich

Especially when you consider that most people wish they were rich! LOL! It’s easy to point the finger and say make them pay when them does not include you. What if rich didn’t just mean those making over $250K per year? Suppose it meant those making $100K? $75K? $50K? As government expands and entitlements increase that could become a reality. Furthermore, ask yourself: has a broke person ever given me a job? I’m guessing, no. Class warfare is silly.

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