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All I Want For Christmas

Credit: AzmanL

By Te-Erika Patterson

Do you want to delight your Alphanista this holiday season? It’s not too late to earn her appreciation. Try any of these gift ideas to make your superstar smile.

A Delicious Meal – She’s so worn out from building her empire (or supporting you while you build yours) that she needs some replenishment. Tell her you have something special for her. Have her wait for you in her favorite cozy spot while you make her a home made meal filled with her favorite treats. Don’t forget dessert and you might get some dessert later.

Something That Sparkles – She LOVES sparkles. Preferably the Asscher cut. No more than 1 ½ karats though; anything larger will be too gaudy.

A Body Massage – She’ll remember why she chose you when she’s listening to Orange Moon by Erykah Badu as you caress her naked body with sweet smelling lotions while telling her all the ways she intrigues and delights you. Don’t forget the happy ending. Yes, ladies love that too!

A Pleasant Surprise – A new sound system for her car or even a connection she’s been trying to make to help her reach her next goal. Do something  that she can’t quite seem to do for herself and watch her melt in your arms.

A Real Orgasm – It’s not about you tonight. It’s about making love to her entire body. Pay special attention to the area behind her knees and her collarbone.  Strategically place tasty fruits and desserts across her body and don’t leave a crumb behind as you have your midnight snack. Find her Oh Button. You know just where it is. Press it. Often. Make her beg you to stop.

Te-Erika Patterson frequently writes blog posts for Alphanista.  To learn more about her visit her at www.te-erika.blogspot.com.

10 “Alpha” Things To Do For Christmas


[Notice: Due to Christmas, there will be no new posts today]

Ready?  Here it goes!

1.  Nothing.

2. Nothing.

3.  Nothing.

4.  Nothing.

5.  Nothing.

6.  Nothing.

7.  Nothing.

8.  Nothing.

9. Nothing

10.  Be good to yourself.  Be authentic to yourself.  Don’t change because everyone says you have to go along.  If you’re not ready to celebrate this holiday with everyone else, don’t feel guilty.  However, it could be a good time to meet new people as an alpha female is always about expanding.  But there’s so much pressure this time of year to be somebody you are not, to make the relationship work, the break off the relationship, to spend more money than you have, to be happy when you are not, to smile for your kids when you are crying, to spread the Christmas cheer when you want to just slap everybody.  But in order to experience what this holiday is really about you have to stay STILL.  There’s lots of magic and happiness in that, too.

Happy Holidays

A Holiday For One...is okay too!

Thank you for stopping by again and may you be safe and enjoy this holiday.  As you know, we never do anything that is the status quo so you won’t find too much holiday fluff this or that.  Next week, look for a few posts that can help any of you having a hard time this year emotionally.  The hell with finances, you just want to get your mind right!  Stay tuned….and….

Stay Blessed.