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Thigh High Love


By Guest Blogger, Goldie

Thigh High Boots, even more than last year, are big this season.

So is the intimidation to slide into a pair but avoid looking like a streetwalker. There are heeled versions and flat versions.

If you are conservative, go for a flat, equestrian style and if it does have heels, keep the heel chunky. I assume that if you’re conservative eye skims over the spiked studded thigh high leather boots, you might assume they are not for you. Not that pair, no. But Tory Burch is a brand you might check into. She offers a preppy version of season’s trends.

Platforms and embellishments are for the daring. The only argument I’ll forward is the more embellishments applied to the boot, the less wear you can get of it. Purple, studded boots with a platform won’t spread through your wardrobe like a flat pair of brown thigh highs. Be practical. How many times are you planning on wearing this pair? So why are you spending 80 bucks on a pair from Wet Seal when you plan on wearing them once a week? They’ll show wear in a month or less. Quality is everything in shoes, I can’t say that enough.

Let me also add there are do’s and dont’s to these boots:

  • DO wear skinny jeans and leggings with them. Depending on the style and fabric of the shaft of the boot, stuffing the fabric into your jeans will show.
  • DONT wear anything that its hemlines don’t touch midthigh unless you are wearing tights or leggings underneath a short top.
  • DONT wear the heeled versions with miniskirts during the day. Enough said
  • DO use this as a time to layer up on some accessories. Like a loose tissue-weight cashmere scarf, hat, or Snood(elliptical scarf the has enough volume to double as a hood)
  • DO research companies that make slimmers boot shafts, wide boot shafts, or even a cobbler who can do the work for you. Not everyone can just buy a pair of boots.

Last, try it! Go to the store and try them on. Sometimes, you have to see it on you to be convinced of what a fox you are in them. Alphanistas aren’t afraid of a challenge so get out there and go for it.