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A Word From Alphanista™

Thank you again to all the new subscribers we’ve had in the last several weeks.  Some of you have been in touch with me about the blog and had questions.  Below are some things you need to know:

1.    If you are a subscriber and have an idea, alpha article or question, please email it to me at mreidasst1@aol.com.  Articles should be between 300-500 words.  We are always looking for guest bloggers!  One of the top commentators, Ms. Tee (author Te-Erika Patterson) was one of our latest.  But you don’t have to be an “expert”.

2.    If you like the blog, you’ll love one of my 5 books published by St. Martins Press.   Most of the topics and articles we bitch about on here can be found in my books drawn out with characters, circumstances and real life solutions.  Thank you for those who’ve purchased a book, and to those who thought about it.  What books?  Please scroll down and then take a look at the right of your screen >>>>>>.  This blog is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can learn.  All the main female characters in my books are alpha females, and you know where there are alpha females, an alpha male is not far behind.

As always I appreciate your support of the blog.  It’s not just something to do for me, but something I look forward to everyday in working to meet your needs and stay true to the Alphanista™ empowerment message of doing it your way (even if it means breaking rules), and doing it big.  It’s a business for me, a fun, engaging, and enriching way of bringing more people into my world because “sharing is caring”.  I will be offering some new products soon, too, because this is a lifestyle, not just a word. But first, a free thank you product coming up in the next few weeks.  Until then, stay tuned!

Want To Guest Blog For Alphanista?

heels1I am swamped and would love to start posting your guest blogs!

A few guest bloggers come with their own ideas and we work together to make sure it hasn’t been blogged about before and how to fit it in. I also may edit a guest blogger’s piece if it needs work.  Also looking for regular columnists in careers, sex, relationships, etc.

See? It’s really easy. Guest bloggers write about 300-500 words in exchange for a link to their own site or product. Links are placed under the title of their blog and/or at the end.  I feature guest blogs about 1-4 times a week, along with my own blogs.

Don’t post here.  If you are interested, please read About Alphanista and send me an email at maryann@alphanista.com!  Thank you.

New Look!

womanshoesSome of you may have noticed the new look of the blog.

Our traffic has increased by 300% in the last few months so we had to adjust to the demand.  This look makes it easier for you to find information, resources and posts.  So, please take advantage of the lay out.  I’m also going to be using (and looking for) guest bloggers to show our diverse range in topics while I work on another book.

So, please be patient as we work out any kinks (some comments not appearing immediately, ads, etc). We should be done by March 1st. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, please take the poll and let us know how you feel about the new look!

I Dream Of An Inner Circle….

That helps women everywhere in secret, as the world stands by and says: WTF?

I have been working steadily on the Inner Circle fro the last few weeks.

Getting experts line up for interviews, doing video, lessons, and more.  And with the holidays here, it seems like I am not posting as often as I’d like!  I like to post to often!  Next week is the last week of the year, and you will at least get some more posts by then.  But know, that if you don’t hear from me, I’m working, and I have a crew of excellent guest bloggers.

In the meantime, standby for Inner Circle III sign up info, coming up!  You must join this cycle.  I have a limited amount of spaces and will shut doors within 3-7 days of launch.

It’s Back!

Whew, so it took me a while to get here.  But I am here!


I listened to you and what you wanted, and totally madeover the site with new features, and a new look.  You didn’t think I would let Alphanista go by the wayside?  With no party?  Uhm, no.  What happened is the typical metamorphosis of the alpha female.  We start big, digress, regroup and come back again to be the benchmark.

Some of our new features:

Alphanista Reads–book reviews

Alphanista@Home–etiquette, home, and craft ideas (inspired by my girl Wendy Williams, she loves her crafts!)

Lifestyle–travel, fashion, food

WTF Fridays–rants and raves about what you love/hate

Inspiration–for the “depressed” gal in all of us

And of course the classic features: Advice, He Said/She Said, How To Be An Alphanista, Alphanista Hall Of Fame, The Good Life, Get Your Hustle On and more.  Check out our updated “About Alphanista” and “Maryann Reid” pages.

Over the last several months, I got emails from you, other bloggers, and even from members of the press, who are die-hard fans.  Everybody wanted more.  I struggled because I was bored with the site.  If I’m bored with it, then you are, too.  It wasn’t making me feel alive like it used to.  But I wasn’t ready to move on.  I gathered my inner resources, and decided to think from the end, instead of day to day. I decided on success. Period.  I left the “how” to A Higher Power, and that’s easy with loyal readers who kept coming everyday, digging through the archives for anything that would give them a lift.


I can’t say that I will never disappear again.  But if I do, you’ll know it’s because I want to be my best, and bring the best to you. My Alphanistas know.