Stuff Single Black Women Like: Little Dogs

Are they the new spinsters with cats?  Last week, a male friend told me he would never date a girl with a pet. He said it showed him that she resigned her life to being single and that she gave little thought to how a pet would affect a new relationship. This is true. Pets have needs. Many men do not like the dog being fed before them. They also don’t like stepping over a dog, kicking the dog out of the way, or walking your little Shitzu, especially if he’s straight.  But Yorkies and the like have become the rage for single black women sporting them like precious “real” babies.  Single black women like little dogs, now if they can only get the right, big dog all would be well.


  1. Nicole says:

    this notion is CRAZY….I let my hubby of 12 yrs know thay I am a dog lover. He is head over paws over our dog. We are DINKS (double income no kids), so the dog works for us.

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