Steps To Go From Fattie To Not-tie


The second week of a New Year!

Ahhh.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be on auto-pilot and hit our goals as soon as the clock struck midnight?  Right now, I am wrapping my mind around HEALTH.  I want to lose 10 pounds and plan nutritious, home cooked meals.  Thing is, this is NOT a resolution but I always feel that way!  So, I broke it down as to what steps it includes.  This is my plan.  Maybe this can help anyone out there looking for where to start:

1)  MOVE–Joining a gym is best, but you can simply take the steps at work or at home.  You can also buy 2-3 pound weights and do some light arm lifts at night.  2 times a week for starters. (Sex counts!)

2)  EAT–Cook twice a week or eat from a packaged meal plan from a company like Medifast.  Sunday and Wednesday, and treat yourself to a takeout on Fri/Sat.  The foods you cook should be simple, quick, nutritious.   For instance, some brown rice, with chicken or fish and favorite glaze or veggies is a good start.

3)  PRAY–Yoga, meditation, simple morning/evening prayer keeps you focused on the bigger picture.

That’s it!  If you are really ambitious, then join an online program or choose Medifast for seamless weight loss.  The tips above can actually become part of your habits.  It’s not just weight loss just a healthier lifestyle.   It’s doesn’t take you away from home or the table.  Now, how hard can that be?

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