Here’s A Special Gift For All Alphanistas…


I organized some coaching deals for December groups for Alphanistas that you should be aware of. Please note:

If you are ready to start dating on purpose, and finding your soul-mate I strongly recommend Finding “the One” group. There are 3 spots left and you get Alphanista discount of $100

If you want to know how to attract more of everything, especially money, the Rainmaking Group is for you. One spot is left and you get $200 Alphanista discount.

The Handel coaches would be happy to give you a private consultation about your interests, needs and questions, you just need to call or email them to set up a chat: 800-617-7040 or There is more info below on the upcoming groups.

If you are interested in signing up for any of the below, please SUBSCRIBE for the pass code!

Finding “The One”

This group marks the end of any sense of a “drought” in regards to relationships. You will discover what is in the way of finding “the one.” Where do you settle? What don’t you say? Where do you sell out? This is about dreaming and sticking to your dream. It’s about believing and acting in accordance with your highest ideals when it comes to dating and love. The group environment is perfect for understanding the universal nature of this, gaining a sense of humor about it, and having fun doing the real work of finding the love of your life.

$250 for 3 payments – now $100 off for Alphanistas)!

Thursdays, starting Dec 10th, 8-9pm ET

Coach: Marnie Nir (please note: no calls on 12/24 or 12/31; calls will resume on 1/7/2010)

Rainmaking: How to Make More Money

In this advanced 13 week phone-coaching series, our Sr. VP Jo Sawalha will lead you into your own personal investigation of Rainmaking and get you in action to do “what it takes” for you to be a Rainmaker. See yourself as the source for all you create and allow in your life; learn from the daredevils in your life and become one yourself! Fly free without the chicken, learn to ask for what you want and expect more than linear or incremental results.

$300 for 4 payments – now $200 off total cost for Alphanistas)!

Thursdays, starting Dec 10th, first call 7-10pm ET, then 8-9am ET weekly

Coach: Johanna Sawalha (please note: no calls on 12/24 or 12/31; calls will resume on 1/7/2010)

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