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I was listening to Whoopi on The View one morning and she made perfect sense, “Are we supposed to marry someone just because they asked?”  Just because a man chooses you doesn’t mean you are chosen and that’s that.  Why do folks forget it’s the woman who makes the decision?  She says yes or no to his choice.  Her answer can start it all or end it all.

Think about it.  How many women you know right now waiting to be asked to say yes?  Do you really want to choose that?  They do and spend the rest of their life changing the man or make his life a living hell for her own neurosis.  Then they get fat and blame the man and the kids.  What a ball of sunshine.

Folks, at the end of the day, as in all of nature it is the woman that makes the decision whether a man will be in her life or not.  Men are projectors.  He’s supposed to be choosing all kinds of things to keep the species going.  But it’s the woman who discerns what quality of species will manifest. She protects the integrity of the human gene pool.  See the results lately?

Unfortunately, women have been slipping, leaving the gate open.  The financial markets isn’t the only thing that has fallen.  In all truth, men don’t really like this, according to the interviews I’ve done for my books and articles.  They like sports, they like to feel there are rules, they like to know how to perform, what the expectations are, and such so they can make the play or not.  They are free to move around, but don’t like that women are.  Another perfectly natural thing to feel.  It makes them feel out of place, out of role, out of balance.  A man out of role is not much good to himself or any woman.

Back in the days, women used to sit together in a circle and share secrets with each other on how to take care of a man and keep him happy.  Yes, there was some sex talk, but most of it was how to “talk” to your man and “behave” with your man. Men are supposed to chase, women are supposed to catch.  Men watch women.  I once said on a radio show, if all women in the world were to say “I will only have sex with men who have Master’s degrees,” do you know how high the graduate school rate will skyrocket?  They’d need to build more schools.

And it has just a bit more to do with than some good sex.  No matter how good your sex is somebody else’s is going to be better.  Most men will tell you that less than a 1/3 of the sex they get is actually “great”.   (Let me find that survey)  So, please put that petty little notion to bed about “how good the sex is”.   It just isn’t the same anymore if you’re dating by everyday standards.  It’s like food these days. You hungry, you eat.  You hungry, you have sex.  And for the ladies, who think they can have sex like a man, you can never be as much of a man than he is. Simple as that.

Shame.  Take this opportunity to have raise your stock some.  An alpha-female can go through a few dry spells but when she comes back, she comes back hard, at a higher level, already at another place that the other girl is still trying to get to.    She rather spend the time getting the big one, yes, and I do mean big in every way.  She always has her man “marked”.

So, close the gate because the house is smelling funky.  This doesn’t mean being picky or critical of men.  Because if you attract “problem” men then there is something problematic about you.   I always base the quality of a woman on the quality of her man and vice versa.  Take some old school “man 101” courses. Start asking for visitor passes.  Less is always more.


  1. zabeth says:

    “But – women will argue that why should THEY have to not have sex to get a change in men.”

    I don’t that’s necessarilly the case with women. I think some women fear that if they have too many standards and place too many restrictions than it will drive men away.

  2. KB says:

    “The value of pu$$y has depreciated with the softening economy.” Tis never a more insightful comment. In addition, they say that divorces have slowed down because of the financial implication of leaving each other. People would rather just stay together.

    The moral of the story is that sex and pu$$y does have power. And it can be used or withheld to obtain or preserve situations. As a guy, I always thought that if you want to change a group of men – withhold sex from them. They’ll straighten out.

    But – women will argue that why should THEY have to not have sex to get a change in men. The man should change. And they should.

    But they won’t so long as the pu$$y is so easy to get. Nice post, Maryann. Just giving a male’s perspective.

  3. Loving a bottom B says:

    Like my older friend told me make sure you really love them before impregnate them or your asking for trouble. For women make sure you know who giving the goods too before you let him cut. Like NFL coach Dennis Green said “They are who we thought they were”

    On another note what with all the hate on meatloaf? If done right it is a tasty dish.

  4. Noisy Girl/ Lovely... says:

    Meatloaf is so damn nasty…

    Anyway, this makes me think I doing right by fasting. HEY! HEY! HEY!…Yeah, I’m celebrating.

  5. Sherryberry says:

    Okay, I had to read this post about 3 times, just to digest it and let it sink in. There is a lot of potent information in this one, but as you usual with this blog- it’s the truth. So, I shall speak my truth… I can only speak for myself as one, black woman. I have made some mistakes in the “gate” department, letting a dude enter who wasn’t bringing anything to the table. I was basically, and this may be a crass term, “low-balled”(no pun intended) myself by sleeping with a guy who had no substance or character and then resented him for it. I realize this was wrong on my part because if I was really paying attention- I could have saw the signs of “hazardous scrub material” and bypassed him. Plus, I realized that I had issues, like low self esteem and neediness or just being a plain emotional wreck and expecting a man to fulfill my every need instead of gathering inner resources to make myself happy.

    I am reading a book “Play or be Played” and the author talks about how women want attention from men most of the time, but some women want attention from men ALL of the time and throw the P around hoping this will get them the attention they desire. Some women are not discerning enough to realize that all attention is not good attention (Karinne Supahead Stephans comes to mind).These women hope that men will put them a whole other category and seperate them from the “average chick” but the only category they file these women under is: slut. Like Dave Chappelle said in one of his comedy specials “the p***y stock has plummeted to an all time low.” I speculate this has to do with the so called women’s lib movement and just plain ole’ low self esteem issues that some women have.

    So for now, I keep to myself- waiting for the one I can take things slow with and get to know REALLY well, because I don’t want to make anymore mistakes in the “gate department.”

  6. Loving a bottom B says:

    No matter how good that sex is to you at some point you will become immune to it. This goes for both male and female therefore sex should not be determining factor for any relationship although sex is important part of any relationship.
    Also women it doesn’t matter if your man is a beta or alpha it is better to run things from the background then be front stage. These are just my thoughts.

  7. Loving a bottom B says:

    Another great post. The value of p^ssy in my mind is at all time low because some women don’t know the power they have with it. Not only is P value low the market is flooded with women who don’t know its value or worth. However, on the flipside I have meet or know women who have grossly over valued the true value of their P, thereby, they would be lacking in other qualities or traits because they felt the value of their P could make up for it. At some point most of them learned that was not the case.

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