Some Women Don’t Like Me, If Only I Were A “Woman”

You’ll know what I mean, when I say a “woman” if you’ve read my posts about the alpha-female.   It’s about not succumbing to stereotypical “woman” tendencies to be reactive, instead of proactive.  A special kind of “alphanista” trait.  So, I was “palling” around on the internet like I usually do searching for stuff about me.  The good, and the bad. Thankfully, there’s lots more good.  But truth be told, there are still some black women who don’t understand what I do with Marry Your Baby Daddy Day.  Some see it as an attack on their “singlehood” or as am embrace of an unmarried sub-culture in the black community.  None of these women have ever spoken to me.  Well, a few have sent me emails, but I never heard from this lady below who was responding to my blog on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 website (of which they invited me to contribute to):

Her claims that societal influences are no more than an excuse as to the disproportionate number of black single women is evidence that she has her head stuck so far up her ass that her own shit is starting to smell good.

I told a girlfriend and we concurred that not enough black women are getting laid on a regular basis, thus, making them, well, angry lots.  When a woman is made love to on a regular basis the world seems a little friendlier.  Emails may wait a day or so, the letter to your crazy neighbor may or may not get written, life just seems so much brighter.  I’m sure the blogger is not one of those women and I totally get what she is saying.  I never thought I would please everyone with what I do.  This just shows me that I’ve struck a nerve, and I’m not one to stop striking when I do. I found my piece of the puzzle, and everyone else has to find theirs.

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  1. Ms. Tee says:

    OMG! I really agree. If a woman (or man) is happy with their life, they exude happiness and treat others well. IF a woman has too much aggression due to lack of a positive release of their negative energy (due to lack of sex) she goes nuts and becomes a bitch. I totally feel you.

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