Sole Mates: I Quit!

Jimmy Choo - The Carter- Black leather classic pumps with a softly pointed toe. The Carter has a 4 1/4 inch heel and a silver studded ankle strap with an adjustable buckle.


You’re a nine to fiver for corporation ABC but you have a side hustle, YOU’RE GETTIN PAPER!

It’s decision making time and you need to let your bosses know that in two weeks you will be starting a new affair with your own business.  You are going to need your power suit and pumps to pull this one off right.  Wear your Carter pumps with the spike studded ankle cuff because they exude the “it’s not personal just business” attitude.

the Where…..Monday morning, your office and arrive 1/2 hour early.  An Alphanista knows how to put together a mini power breakfast even if she has to be the bearer of bad news.  Be sure to bring coffee, tea and pastries you’re going to need some sweet parting gifts.

the How… want your future ex-bosses to feel your strength and the only way to make that happen is to wear your infamous power CAT-suit.  Yes, you will be turning heads and be the water cooler topic of the day but ohh well your Jimmy Choo Carter stilettos will shield you from the haters and naysayers.

the Why….it’s time you begin dedicating more energy to YOUR business.  Your many goals of being financially wealthy cannot happen unless you put more time into your venture(s).  Now say your goodbyes, pack up your briefcase and in your nice/nasty voice, tell them to kiss your Carters!

By Black Wood

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