Sole Mates: Alphanista Golddigger

Giuseppe Zanotti - Platinum Leather Dollar Sign Crystal Sandal $597 @

by Black Wood

You need to start the summer off right.  Show off your haute bling with these metallic leather strappy stilettos, adorned with a crystal detailed Dollar Sign ornament on the vamp.  The 4.5 inch gold plated heel fits your mission perfectly.  With these eye catchers on, you will be able to let your feet do all the talking!

The Where……
It depends, you have your passport right? Can’t imagine an Alphanista without one. Great! You still have time to book your first class ticket for Memorial Day Weekend.  Take your pick Soul Beach Music Festival in Aruba or Dominican Republic Soul Siesta.

The How…….
Hair did, nails did, EVERYTHING DID!  Since it will be haute, be sure to throw on your right below the cheek custom tailored hot-pants to emphasize all that…you know BLING. The boys are gonna need their shades.

The Why…..
You’re digging for gold, nothing and no one is safe.  You’re dangerous but in a good way, your “Baller Bay” lifestyle security advisory system is on SEVERE alert (you never leave home without it).  Your suitcase is filled with all the necessary tools you will need for digging, just be sure not to bring home any dirt!

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