Sole Mates: Alphanista Gift For “Daddy”

By Black Wood

Christina Louboutin – Attention Cutout Mesh & Leather Boots
$1235 @

These are for Daddy, just not the one who helped to conceive you!  Make the neighbors know your name with these exquisite black sheer mesh and leather (summer) boots.  These 4 inch stiletto boots have a peep toe, cutaway heel and the signature red soles.  It’s gettin’ hot in hurre!

The How…..
You can do this one of two ways;  does Daddy like commando or a little surprise?  If he likes surprises be sure to stop by the La Perla or Cosabella boutiques and pick up a few little numbers for yourself with his Centurion card, after all it is Father’s Day, these are HIS gifts….. from him to you with love!

The Where……
Now this will depend on if its just you and Daddy or you, Daddy and the kids.  If its the latter, breakfast in bed with your Loubous and dessert before the kids wake up.  If its just you and Daddy well you should probably give him a sugar rush for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The Why…..
Daddy is the best and you want to show him how much you appreciate him.  It’s his day and what better way to celebrate him by making sure he receives a personalized gift or two.  If he asks any questions, your answer should only be YES DADDY YES!…as you admire the reflection of red bottoms in the mirror.

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