Silence is Golden

Lately I have been thinking of shutting down my Facebook.

I have over 1000 friends and I don’t know who is who anymore.   There are perks to Facebook, and for someone like me, I get a chance to market lots of my products and services.

It’s the downside that’s wearing on me.  The job of starting over and cutting my FB “friends” down by 3/4 is too overwhelming.  But it’s not just the numbers, it’s also the thought of all these people (most I don’t know, but accepted because they know someone I know or are fans of my books) seeing everything I put up.  Granted, I don’t put up alot.  But even if it’s “I’m eating a hamburger now” type message or “I just found $100 in the street” type message, I still hate to think that there are haters out there.  Or evil-eye folks.  You know those friends you never hear from, never communicate with you, just want to “watch” you and be nosy.   That’s just bad energy.

A FB friend of mine recently announced she had a baby.  I emailed her and said I had no idea she was preggers.  She said, she didnt put it on FB because pregnant women need to be protected.  I totally understood it.  WE all need to be protected on social networks like FB.  Not from burglars and robbers, but from the energy or thoughts of others about you.  We can’t please everybody, but damn, don’t make it so easy to be a target.  It’s like running out in the streets everyday, and running up to strangers and telling them your ups and downs.

You put stuff up to share that 8 of your friends may enjoy, but now you have 1800 friends and everyone sees it.

We all have good and bad news, and feel so free to share it with the world.  But you don’t know who is watching.  REALLY YOU DON’T.  When you put all your forces out there, you lose power and you open up yourself.  You need a strong armor, a spiritual armor to thwart these types of things.  I have even had people tell me they feel “weaker” after using FB.  Like tired, irritated, etc.  These were the same folks who were on it for hours at a time months ago.  Energy, folks.

I’ll let you know what I decide.


  1. ATLGirl says:

    @Maryann – I’m no LinkedIN, but haven’t really gotten “into” it. I may start utilizing that more myself.

  2. Maryann says:

    @ATLGirl you are right about getting and sharing information through other means. I especially like LinkedIN and want to use it more.

    I tried cutting down friends and FB makes it so hard to do and time consuming.

  3. Suggah says:

    I love connecting with my friends and family so I wouldnt cut mines off. I am careful what I put on there and who I let become my friend. I turned it off for a short time because i was in a bad way but now Im back and loving it.

  4. ATLGirl says:

    I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately myself, and I had a friend who recently took his page down and says he has not regretted it at all. I’ve been using it as a networking tool, but have found that I can get/share the same info through other means.

    Can’t wait to see what you decide and how you feel after!

  5. Amoye says:

    I SO agree with this Maryann. I am slowly starting to bring down my almost 1600 large friendslist. Perhaps you should create a profile page for your business, and as Joreather recommended, a private page for family and friends.

  6. BrightBrownGirl says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I shut my FB page down about a month ago and for the first week, it was like recovering from an addiction . I didn’t know what to do with myself. Now, I am completely “recovered” from it’s addictive grips.

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