Weekend Rewind: Signs of a High Maintenance Man


A high maintenance needs lots of reassurance and attention, just like a high maintenance woman.  Sometimes, he’s mistaken for a metrosexual, but he’s not into primping as much.   He’s a co-dependent people pleaser.  Folks have little respect for him, that is why he relies 110% on others.  He’s a bloodsucker, girl.  Watch out!

1)    He’s jealous of your mama, friends, and family

2)    He’s constantly asking your opinion doesn’t do anything without you

3)    He’s overweight, watch out for these types they need food and attention to feel good about themselves

4)    He has more than one child from different women

5)    He’s born again (again)

6)    He’s unhappy at work

7)    He’s over 40 and ingrained in his ways

8)    He’s hardly ever alone, and hates being by himself.  His friends consider him a follower, or someone you can’t take seriously.

9)    He wants to have “talks” over things you said that you already forgot about that may have “bothered” him  (he’s super neurotic)

10) He corrects your speech all the time

11) He’s holier than thou and believes he is better than most men  in sex and communication

12) You meet him in a department store beauty counter, the nail salon, or eyebrow threading place

13) He owns a nervous, barking yapping dog (dog is actually sick of him too)

14) He prefers the city penthouse as opposed to a cottage by the sea, nothing too rustic

15) He cannot let go of past relationships and stalks them on their own blog, over and over again, please leave me alone and go into the light

Well, have you met a high maintenance man?


  1. elaine says:

    lol….I didn\'[ know I had a HMM until I saw this….he just broke up with me because he was \”having feelings\”….says he comes with alot of baggage:…always ended his sentences with …\”right??\”,,,,,,,and more. Wow, i feel like I just missed the bullet.

  2. yyy says:

    my ex was high maintenance. Needs constant reassurance – check. could not have a good time without spending money – check. Needed a trophy girlfirend – check. Corrected my spelling, way of dressing, personal habits – check. Thank god I’m free.

  3. cypher says:

    LOL @ #15…wow. Go to the light…that’s funny!

    Everything from 1-13 would concern me, but I have no problem with #14…

    This list reminds me of that husband on Housewives of NY…he’s a little suspect.

  4. Brian says:

    LOL @ Ken – so how many of these do you need before you are considered a HMM? Don’t hate on #10 – I’m, err I mean he is just being “helpful.”

  5. LOL OMG’ness. I almost rolled out of my chair. Leave my Tom alone, he just has some challenges. Ha ha ha ha.

    Oh I really do not want to meet a man like that. Goodness, I will not be able to stand it. It would have to call on of the Christian in me!!!

  6. Kim says:

    Lol! That is a pain in the a**! Thank goodness I have never experienced a man like that but it is scary to know that some men out there do exist.

  7. Ken says:

    Well, good thing I don’t have a dog and children. I was getting nervous there…

    Actually, good post. But for us guys on this blog we want to know what are the signs of a High Maintenance Woman (HMW) and how to distinguish between an Alphanista (a good thing) versus a HMW.

    After all, the only thing more expensive to maintain than a BMW is a HMW.

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