Shhh, Inner Circle $1 Early Bird, Then Door Closes Till 17th

The Inner Circle Cycle III is starting on January 17, Monday.
It is positioned to be the best one to date.  Several new articles by me, all brand new interviews with leading experts including financial gurus, beauty experts, lifestyle strategists who are in tune with what Alphanistas need.  This is a great chance to jumpstart any reinventions, makeovers, or enhancements in your mind, body, money, spiritual and health matters.  You cannot do this alone, and maybe you have for too long. Read the testimonials.
If you missed us the last few times, here is your chance.
For $1, you can get on board as an Early Bird if you sign up before Jan 10! You’ll be on board early and ready to kick it off with us January 17th when you get your first lesson.
And I usually don’t do this, but former Inner Circle members are welcomed too.  Especially, if you have unfinished business, and want to give it a go, again!  I am only letting a certain number of members in.  I never liked a crowded Inner Circle.  It is discreet, exclusive and confidential.
The doors will shut soon and you have to wait another 6 months or longer.
Now, on your mark, get set, go change your life!

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