Sheree Reigns Supreme


By Guest Blogger Joreather Settles

Looking back on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the supreme Alphanista is Sheree for her ability to “bounce back despite the odds.”

For example, during season one she ended a major chapter in her life by finalizing her divorce and attempted to roll out her business which failed miserably.  During the off season, it was reported she did not get the settlement expected and as a result her property went into foreclosure. Then, she started season two on a sour note with a petty squabble and enduring emotionally while supporting a fellow cast member as she rolled out of her fashion line first.

It’s unfortunate she was edited to be the villain of the show but despite the odds she rose to the top of the group.  She did it by having a consistent attitude, hitting the gym, celebrating her small accomplishments as well as others, laughing at the naysayers (the photo shoot) and most importantly, aligning herself with people who were determined to see her dream come to fruition.

A key element to being an Alphanista is having resilience.  Resilience refers to an individual’s capacity to thrive and fulfill potential despite oppressive conditions such as death, chronic illness, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, fear, unemployment and community violence.

According to James Neill, resiliency is:

·         having the ability to “bounce back” and “recover from almost anything.”

·         having the “where there’s a will, there’s a way” attitude

·         seeing problems as opportunities

·         “hanging tough” which things are difficult

·         having the mental capacity for seeing small windows of opportunity and making the most of them

·         having deep-rooted faith in a system of meaning

·         having a healthy social support network

The cast had platform of two million viewers tuning in weekly to promote their business. While most were moving forward, Ne-Ne seemed to be going in a circular motion.  She was catty, seemingly jealous and always referring to her never ending sob story of her parents and childhood. With that said, she was the biggest disappointment because she shows minimum growth.

Overall, I had tears of joy for Sheree because she capitalizes on her opportunity and ended with the balance she deserves.

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  1. Ms. Tee says:

    Umm..I dont believe that all Alpha’s are of the FTW mentality…. We just dont need approval to make decisions or be who we are. We are all different, though we share common traits. Some choose to use and abuse. Some don’t. the common thread is that we do not follow the rules, we make our own and we lead others in almost every situation that we are in.

    I’m not cold…but I can be.

    I love you all…

  2. Umm, I don’t know!

    I just don’t agree with this whole “FUCK THE WORLD” mentality that you Alpha’s seem to adopt. Its cute now, but when you get older, say 50 or 60, you’re emotional and financial well-being will depend greatly on the alliances that you make with others; especially if you plan on having a successful business that relies on public consumers and opinion.

    She may not care what people think about her now, but if she wants to be a consistent successful business woman, then having concern for others should be priority #1.

    This cold behavior is a little unsettling to me.

  3. EbonyLolita says:

    Sharee didn’t really give a rat’s ass what most females thought about here. Which is a true Alpha quality. She uses and abuses to get what she needs and moves on. She stands out for that trait alone. So….. claps to her. But her methods aren’t really things I would emulate.

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  4. Joreather says:

    Hey Ladies I appreciate your opinions. Ms Stiletto & Noemi, most alpha females are disliked & misunderstood. As far as the show, we could all tell she didn’t want to be at Lisa’s show but at the end of the day she put her feelings aside and graced everyone with her presence. Some time mental hurdles cause physical delays.

    As far as her being an EPIC fail- failing is a part of success. ;O) So if her debut was an EPIC fail & she decides to finesse her line eventually she will get it.

    Thanks for reading! Thanks for the opportunity Mary Ann

  5. Ms Stiletto says:

    Ok I live in the ATL and I completely disagree with this article. IMHO Sheree is the anti-thesis of an Alphanista! Yes, she may be resilient but that can be said of most people when they go through a major event. A true Alphanista holds her own and doesn’t hate on other women who make it happen to the best of their ability.
    And on the comment,
    “… while supporting a fellow cast member as she rolled out of her fashion line first.” Did you forget that she showed up late and missed the Entire show?? Not sure what kind of support that is.
    Just my $.02

  6. Athena Nike says:

    Nene did seem to run herself in circles this season, though she is building on the domestic violence group. But her family situation is going to keep her in circles til she get closure, that is all she wants and probably part of the reason she lashed out at certain people – misdirected frustration.
    I agree Sheree achieved a lot, but she appears to be showboating all the time by the show editing of course. If her collection failed fashion week that is cause she don’t know to stay in her lane. I give it to her cause you live and learn, use her new celebrity to get her name out there and make connections for the next go around, cause she know she ain’t getting the 7 figures from her ex. Lisa got people interested in her line, buyers, get them in the stores selling and making her money. What does she care about NY/European fashion elite and old money critiquing her clothes? As long as she is making money to buy theirs, they can have it.

  7. MCR says:

    This was an excellent article! I loved the definiton of a true Alphanista quality, which is resilience. I also totally agree with the assesment of NeNe…Great Job JoJo!

  8. CB says:

    The few times I have seen the show Sheree was portrayed in a negative light but this article made me look at things differently. Congrats to Sheree for staying strong and congrats to you for showing the positivity of what is typically negative television stereotypes for black women. Thank you.

  9. Noemi says:

    It’s hard for me to comment on Sheree. Unfortunately I don’t watch the Real Housewives of ATL and from the episodes I did see, I thought the majority of cast members were snobby, inconsistent, flaky and transparent.

    I’m not a fan of Sheree’s to be honest. It’s great that she’s overcome so many obstacles but so have millions of women around the world, but they’re just not in the public eye.

    Another thing which I don’t agree with is all these stars attempting to build a brand based on a skill/venture they know nothing about. Sheree’s line that debuted during NY Fashion Week was an EPIC fail. A part of me feels she was competing against a fellow castmate who also has a blossoming fashion start-up. This is one reason why you should do what you love, because you’re passionate and knowledgeable it.

    I haven’t watched the show enough to make a thorough commentary on this post, but I wish they found women who had more depth and substance, ie. Chris Rock’s wife, Malaak Compton-Rock who runs the Angel Rock Foundation.

    Instead I see all these “reality” women over media gossip blogs, and I think to myself, “what has she done for me lately?” The answer is Nothing. Unfortunately they become the brunt of terrible jokes, bad Getty images and Intenet gossip.

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