Sexy Snacks? Well, Of Course…

womaneatBy Guest Blogger Mila

I love snacking. I eat all day long.

My friends ask me how I maintain my healthy weight. Well, I work out, but I also eat a lot. The key is to eat tasty healthy snacks. Note that I said tasty healthy, not just healthy. Often healthy snacks lack in calories, but they lack in taste as well. This leaves you feeling unsatisfied and craving more food. Usually it results in a guilty snack binge from the vending machine at work- bad news for those of us trying to get sexy for upcoming vacations. So, below are 7 nutritious, low-calorie but also delicious snacks (and what they can replace in your diet) to keep you happy, satisfied, and fit:

– Trade fried potato chips for popcorn.

– Trade sugary candy for low-sugar but flavorful cereal.

– Trade soft pretzels for pretzel sticks and a small amount of dip like peanut butter.

– Trade ice-cream for fruit-and-yogurt parfaits.

– Trade delivery pizza for home-made pizza with veggies on whole-wheat pitas.

– Trade chocolate bars for chocolate pudding or chocolate milk.

– Trade French fries for baked potato wedges

If you can’t stop snacking unhealthy, try buying only healthy options. If it’s not in your fridge or pantry, you’re less likely to eat it. At work, keep healthy snacks at your desk so you don’t find yourself wandering over to the vending machine. My co-workers like to take a mid-day walk to get snacks and coffee. If I don’t have snacks at my desk, I end up buying things like rice-crispy treats. To cure that mid-day sugar craving, have those healthy snacks ready at your desk. Take the walk with your co-workers, but come back to the healthy snacks. You’ll find that you’re happier because you don’t get the post sugar-high crash.

Sometimes you just crave a snack that you know isn’t good for you. It is ok once in awhile to have that chocolate bar or bag of chips. As long as it doesn’t become a daily habit, you’ll be fine. I find that if I’m craving something badly, I won’t stop until I get it. So rather than eating my way through the fridge and then eating the chocolate cake, I just go straight for the cake. I just add a glass of skim milk to make myself feel better.

Share some of your favorite snacks!

Mila is in her twenties and lives and works in New York City. She loves writing, running, and good music. If there’s a dance party, she’s there.


  1. Mila says:

    Oh wow! I also heard mention of a tax on fatty foods. The worse the food, the higher the tax. Not sure if it’s actually a possibility, but I think that would deter people from eating unhealthy. But then the question is, what about your freedom and right to choose what you consume?

  2. lapreghiera says:

    I think my company ( a health insurance provider) purposely overpriced the items in the vending machine to detour snacking. I know we live in inflationary times anyway, but I can’t pay $2 for a soda I can run to the store and get for $0.99. So its definitely working for me, if I don’t have my own snacks and its too cold to go outside, I’ll have to make lunch last or do without.

  3. Andrea Vidler says:

    Such good tips! Cuz its so true that you need to have healthy but still tasty snacks…here are some others. Also, make friends at work by walking around and sharing ..its better than talking about the weather and work 🙂
    — hummus and carrot sticks
    — yogurt and granola
    — fresh fruit smoothies
    — cereal and banana
    — frozen yogurt instead of ice cream

  4. Sarah says:

    favorite snacks: apple wedges dipped in peanut butter or caramel (which you can buy at fast food places such as Mcdonald’s!), cheese sticks (just one-its protien content will fill you up!), sweet fruits and veggies like pomegranite, red/orange peppers, strawberries, rasberries etc, and 90 caloire dark chocolate bars-not only is dark chocolate good for you, but these low-cal sticks def satisfy a chocolate craving.

  5. hiphopmuse says:

    These are some good tips! It seems like eating small, healthy snacks all day helps to maintain your weight. I work in an office with people who are constantly bringing in unhealthy treats, and forcing them on others. Sometimes I accept (sometimes I don’t have the willpower to turn down sugary, fatty treats!) But for the most part I snack on healthy stuff like fresh fruit and cheese, air popped popcorn with sea salt, and baked “everything” bagel chips in place of fried potato chips. These snacks are just as good, if not better than the vending machine snacks.

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