Saturdays Will Never Be The Same Again…

31563PCN_BeyonceHere we go, another weekend wear, I’d do this for a Saturday/Sunday lunch/brunch with the unkept hair and all.

The jumper-look is in now.  But is this right for Beyonce?

The loose fit definitely slims her down even more, now the shoes…if they weren’t Louis V, I dunno…


  1. EbonyLolita says:

    Too much color close to her skin. The lacefront looks like she just took it out the washing machine and NOT in a good way. The shoes??? Smehhh. I always feel like Beyonce tries to hard and hasn’t developed her personal style. She gets a B for effort. Moving on I wanna see a post of RhiRhi she would have rocked this and OWNED it!!!

  2. hiphopmuse says:

    I like the jumper-look, but I don’t like the functionality of the piece. When it’s time to potty, it can be problematic…

    I like the unkept hair, mine looks a lot like that right now and I loves it. The shoes…not so much.

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