Russell Simmons Says He’s A "Provider"….Somebody’s Listening Russell, Be Careful!

This week Russell and Kimora were in the news because folks found out (somehow 🙂 that he has to pay $500K a year in child support for the two girls. People just thought it was Kimora being her outrageous self again, but after reading what Russell said, I understand now:

“Regarding the money, my kids live a tremendous life. They do have lots of security, nannies, educators, special programs, travel, chefs, on and on. Their mother manages all of those luxuries and I’m happy to provide for that.”

Can we be mad at that? The man is a p-r-o-v-i-d-e-r. With all that money, what else can he do with it? Going skiing in the Alps? The thing about men like Russell is that they will continue to make money, and more money. Kimora, she’s doing good, but you know, how she got started. Anything could happen.

Kudos to the two for working that out like the best baby mama and daddy in all of us.

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