Rich and Crazy–That’s What Women Like?


[This is not about Chris Brown, he is a child.  This is about grown ass menz]

Athletes are notorious for the smack down.

Women, alcohol, and anger are bad when they meet each other.  Some time ago, NFL player Larry Johnson was charged with assaulting a woman–again.  Another player, Plaxico was arrested or something like that for hitting his wife in their home.

This all shows that despite the money these men are stacking, they are just, well, crazy like everybody else.  They are not perfect and money does not change who they are when they’re alone.  They are subject to the same weaknesses and trials we all are.

I am not excusing their behavior.  But we cannot change anyone but ourselves.  The problem here is that too many females are not CHOOSING wisely.  You give up control on the first night.  You gotta know how to vet your man, especially if he is high profile.

Ladies, choose these men, don’t let them choose you.  Learn to align yourself with women who have something more to offer you than the latest gossip.  Find friends who have better access than you, know more than you, look better than you.  Yes, look better.  That way they won’t be intimidated by you and will spill out all their secrets.  If you are the flyest one in your group, it’s time to upgrade you.

Here’s some things to know if you are with the rich and crazy:

1. Stop trying to help your girlfriends with advice, and help yourself.  True, you want to help womankind, but do trust there are women out there who don’t care about any “crazy man” rumors and will still bed him in a heartbeat; Money makes problems seem less for the unfortunate many

2. These hi profile men have lots of societal pressures from work, family, friends, women.  Decide if that’s something you can handle.  If not, move along, but don’t exasperate the issue

3. Take care of yourself.  Always use not only sex protection, but mental protection.  Do not ever provoke a man.  Even if he is worth millions, no other rich man would wanna come near you, if they’re smart, too much to lose (Rihanna is now holding Chris Brown’s career right in her palms, so sad!  To give it all away like that…oh, but this not about Chris Brown)


  1. Ken says:

    Pure and Simple. If you\’re a man, never raise your hand to a woman. If you\’re a woman and a man raises his hand to you – under ANY circumstance – leave his ass. THE END. No conditions. No exceptions.

    It\’s like giving up the coochie. If women would stop giving the coochie up to dudes who can\’t finish a sentence or who wear their pants below their asses, black men would be the most educated and well dressed men in the world.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Vet means to “check him out” before you commit. And its true at any age, a person shouldn’t hit you that is common knowledge. Common knowledge is that homelessness is a bad thing but it still happens. The dirty truth is many women like a man to “manhandle” them. Many cultures in the Caribbean live like this and it is normal. Not right, but “normal”.

  3. Wanda says:

    I’m not really understanding any of this. Specifically the sentences vet your man and Chris Brown is a child…….???? Isn’t there a better way. Maybe I been married way too long. Rich or not keep your hands off, whether the person is 14 or 90 yrs old.

  4. @Shirley…I appreciate your perspective but just I am clear, I merely was saying if we learn to love self – we “avoid” dead end relationships. Never would I imply that we can just cut them off like toe nails, only advising that once we love “self” then we make better decision for “self”.

  5. Shirley Chisolm says:

    @Marcella very true but black women hate themselves, didnt u get the memo? We need to get off this high horse that women, particularly black women are so perfect and can cut off “dead end” relationships like a toe nail. At the end of the day, women don’t know what they want and to answer the post question, yes women like them crazy and rich. Because women are crazy.

  6. I have up close and personal relationships with friends that are in this exact position. They have confided in me that these men make them feel “better” than the woman standing next to them. This speaks volume not only to the character of the woman but how we sometimes allow another being to validate our “self worth” – definitely not an alphanista perspective :). Once we learn to love “self” we will avoid these types of “dead end” (no pun intended) relationships and live a better, more fulfilling life.

  7. Donnell says:

    Women don’t want to be mistreated. They don\’t want a doormat, but they want — no, need — a dude they can respect.

    Obviously, this doesn’t go for every female. There\’s a gang o\’ twisted sisters out there. Duck ’em like bullets.

  8. Nina T. says:

    I have to say you guys are right! I called the cops on my man a few years ago, we got back together, and the police made our lives a living hell. It’s like they wanted to bury him. We got married three years later, and we have had our fights, but I know better. If I ever pick up the phone, it is OVER. Too bad too many females are so caught up with their emotions, they call for attention, and then feel guilty and want to go back to their man.

    Between me and u I think my man was crazy for taking me back.

  9. Loving a bottom B says:

    I have learned that the worse you treat SOME women the more they love you. It should not be that way but it is. Like the saying goes, “Nice guys finish last.” I am not a fan of hitting women or being abusive, however, you cant be nice.

  10. James says:

    Women love the drama–and the money. I would never give a woman that much power by putting my hands on her. All a woman has to do and pick up the phone and ur life is over. Especially with the laws in this crazy ass country. #5 is on point for real.

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