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  1. Sisterly says:

    We have got to say it “We don’t have an adequate amount of fathers in the households they create… Men have to know that we are not willing to be single moms. My husband and men I dated before him knew that truth as it related to me, sounds selfish, but it’s for the greater good. We must also have the discipline required to ensure that we don’t set ourselves up for single motherhood. Each of us has to see our relationships as sacred. It seems to me Black Love is way too rare and when you find healthy black folks in love, we should celebrate it. Maryanne, I applaud you for your unselfish effort to assist in helping Black fathers play a more active role in being accountable for their families. You try to unite people for the good of the black community. I believe doing something is much better than doing nothing… , , or !!! Celebrating Holy Matrimony can only be a good move for the community.

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