POLL: Would You Do It If He Asked?


Question: If the man you are engaged to asked you to lose weight or he won’t marry you, would you do it? Would you lose weight?

I recently had a friend who encountered this.  She’s in the process of endless workouts with a trainer now.

Countless men and women have to compromise and negotiate before the walk down the aisle. Where will we live? Your bank or mine? You know, standard merging life issues. But when it comes to appearance, is that negotiable? Frankly, I believe if a person has made a promise before God to be with you until death you can’t necessarily tell them off and be gone.  Where are you gonna go?   You have to listen. You may have to compromise. It’s not about you anymore.   Too many people are holding folks hostages in relationships with that thinking.

Now, if it’s a weight issue, doesn’t this man have a right to make sure his woman stays in shape. Afterall, he’s supposed to be with her till the grave. But if he asks, and she does it, what if she gains it back? Then what?

What say ye?

If your partner asked you to lose weight, and if you don't he won't marry you, would you lose the weight?

  • No, if he can't accept me now he never will! (73%, 81 Votes)
  • Yes, I want to get married, I love my man! (27%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 111

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  1. Gladys says:

    Denfinately not, seriously he needs to accept you the way you are. The friend is just going to return to her weight after the wedding. Crash diets never work.

  2. QueenCoily says:

    Um, no. Next he’ll be talking about I need to perm my hair, wear more/less make-up, question my fashion choices etc, I’m a grown woman…get with it or bounce. What happens if you gain it back? Is he going to divorce you? Sounds like he could be laying the foundation for control after ya’ll say ‘I do’.

    That being said, I think all women have a responsibility to stay looking good for your man ’cause they’re visual and whatnot. If you’ve gained 20-50lbs, he’s going to complain, hopefully in love and respect. He’s the one who needs to consider if this is the chick for him or not instead of trying to ‘make’ her into what he’d like her to be.

  3. Zabeth says:

    I agree with Jareesa. I also feel like I need more information too. Did she gain the weight in the course of the relationship because she got too comfortable or, was she always this size? Physical attraction is important in a relationship and men are very visual creatures.

    To flip the coin, I don’t know if I’d want to be in a relationship with a man who wasn’t interested in health and fitness. Every man I’ve dated has been a workout hound in some respects. I’ve also found that you eventually adopt the habits of the person you’re with.

  4. Jareesa Tucker says:

    For me, its all about the approach.

    If he came to me out of love and concern for my health & wanting us to be together for a lifetime, and he either agreed to either work out with me or pay for a trainer, I’d still marry him. But if he called me a fatass and was all disrespectful about it, and only wanted me thin to be his arm candy we’d have a problem.

  5. doreen says:

    I agree! I would never ever lose weight for a man, whoever woman does this gets what she deserves. People are too desperate these days.

  6. Nah….

    I would ever do some shit that’s out of my character just to make my man happy.

    What happens if I can’t maintain my weight because loosing weight wasn’t my idea in the first place.

    People gotta stop doing shit that’s out of their character.

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