POLL: What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?

"I'm doing #4, where is he?!"

Though we think of the Holidays as a “must do” there are many others who are working, traveling and spending it alone by choice or circumstance.

If you are in this type of situation, understand that Thanksgiving is anything you make it.  Light some candles, get a TG dinner from a takeout spot (Boston Market counts), pop in a movie and enjoy your day. Many of you are going through breakups, lay offs, and just uncertainty.  At this time, you may need to take care of yourself without the stimulation of crowds, stress, and other folks.  Unfortunately, what they say is not always true:  That being around others will help you feel better.  Sometimes, it doesn’t.

Don’t feel compelled to explain absences or withdrawal.  On the other hand, if you have a big day planned, enjoy it nonetheless.   At the end, it’s about you.  So, what are you doing?

What Are You Doing On Thanksgiving Day?

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