POLL: Is It Okay To Stay Friends With the Ex?

Russell and Kimora have kids and a business together! (Kimora's man Djimon in the middle)

I used to think so.

Especially, in highschool when it’s likely you share the same social circles.  But as an adult woman, particularly alpha, with a world of options, I say probably not.  If you are married, then definitely no.  However, some men just can’t let alphas go!

There are only a few situations where friendship is important when you share a child together or a business.

Otherwise, it is purely optional.  I see so many of my friends go back to exes because they are afraid.  “He’s a lawyer!  I’ll never meet another lawyer!”  “He’s so good in bed, you never know when I’ll have a dry spell!”  That’s just the beginning.

What do you think?

Is It Okay To Stay Friends With The Ex?

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  1. Aisha says:

    I’m going to say no in general because most people aren’t mature enough to do it right or are just using the ex as an emotional and sexual crutch. If a long amount of time has passed both people have clearly moved on and aren’t interested in each other anymore than maybe but breaking up on Monday and becoming friends on Friday is bs. You should always try to stay friends if there are childen or a business involved but if not move on! It looks desperate, you will never be able to move forward in your life if you’re still stuck on the past.

  2. soledtress says:

    My answer is yes, why not. I would hope that one’s past relationship was built on friendship first so that the friendship can stay intact even if the romance is over. Many people find it hard to still be friends because of other things that may have taken place within the relationship, but if its an amicable break-up then everyone wins. As T. Lynn stated if there are new partners/signifcant orthers involved be open and honest about your past so that if any issues arise they will hopefully be minimal.

  3. With kids involved, you should be friends because its easier to co-parent that way. If both people are attached, define the nature of your friendship (i.e. no “benefits”) to keep everyone happy. And be open with significant others about the friendship, otherwise you’ll look like your hiding something.

    As long as everyone is clear on the boundaries of the relationship, there’s no problem.

  4. Ms. Tee says:

    I think we feel like we can’t stay friends with our exes because our new man won’t approve. He’s insecure if he feels like that… And Kimora is the HOTTEST woman alive- She can handle them all! I LOVE HER!

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