POLL: Is It OK To Blast Someone On A BillBoard Who Did You Wrong?

Last week, there was some major news about a sister who blasted her millionaire sugar daddy on some NYC billboards.

It was an 8 year affair and he, the CEO of Oracle and a member of the Obama administration, broke it off recently.  As expected, she blacked out.  Women cheered her on as a woman scorned and the man got what he deserved.  However, the only loser is this mistress.  This man is still married, and now his wife knows that her husband wasn’t lying about how crazy is this mistress.   Next, they’ll both take out a restraining order out on her and she’ll end up in a straight jacket–no man, no love, no babies, just her damn billboards.  What did she do with all that money she was getting?  I do hope she banked some of it.  And ladies, the point of getting this money is to meet a single suitor in the meantime, not to be faithful to your married man.

He was certainly thinking about his future, she was not.

Is It OK To Blast Someone On A Billboard Who Did You Wrong?

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  1. Clara says:

    Brenda XXXX [ADDRESS AND JOB LOCATION REMOVED BY MODERATOR] who on her facebook page claims to be a christian she has been doing my husband for 20 years and is proud o the fact that she was the other woman. How is that possible if you are a christian first of all, How as a woman that you can settle for 2nd best for 20 years. My then Husband not only did he come home to his wife every night. He told her and what ever other woman he had affairs with that he loved his wife and would never leave her (me) for them. That is the one thing he never lied about.
    I divorced him July 2009 on his mothers birthday. He never even told this woman he was divorced she found out from me 6 months after the fact.
    The one good thing is my divorce was final on his Mothers Birthday 2009

  2. This is the #1 reason why the “Square life” would never work for me. If I had a dollar for every married man that tried to have a relationship with me, I’d be a Millionaire right now.

    Being a hooker has really opened my eyes to the realities of monogamy and marriage.

    80% of my clients are married men, and 90% of those married men will try at least one time to get free sex by cultivating this false relationship, or this idea that we have become “Lovers” and that he no longer has to pay me. FUCK THAT!!!

    This is where MOST women become trapped.

    Bottom line is- If a married man is looking outside his marriage for companionship and mistresses then he’s usually looking for new pussy that he doesn’t have to pay for. That’s his goal.

    So keep that in mind!

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