POLL: If Asked, Would You Reveal How Many Sex Partners You’ve Had?

counting_fingers__3Will anyone really know everything about someone?

The number of sex partners these days for singles, especially women can be doubled than it was in yesteryears.  The longer you spend single, the more sex partners you pick up.  So, how much should you reveal?  If you hide it, you lose the chance of knowing if somebody likes you for you, and not their perception of you.  Because if how they feel about you is based on perception, that can change easily.   But if you reveal the truth, you better be ready for the reaction.  Because no number is ever the “right” one…

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If Asked, Would You Reveal How Many Sex Partners You've Had?

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  1. Druid says:

    I think at this point most men assume every woman has a double digit count, and possibly triple digits.

    That’s one reason men are less likely to marry.

  2. Aisha says:

    Umm yeah my number is none of nobody’s business except for mine and if you press me ill surely tell a lie LOL

  3. tender says:

    I won’t tell,but I do have ppl who can\’t seem to shut up about it/me so I’m sure there’s a # out there with my name on it. Wrong or not.

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