POLL: Do You Think Men Really Like Independent Women?

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I was having this conversation the other day, and my answer was NO.

Mostly because “independent” women talk about being independent so much that they stay that way.

On the other hand, there may be a few men who like women who can do things for themselves and are only around to “enhance” not necessarily to “make” or “to do.”

If a woman can be independent and still be vulnerable, she’ll be one of the few who have a good, fulfilling relationship.


Do Men Really Like Independent Women?

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  1. goodmusic says:

    A woman being Independent is not only great but it should be a necessity. Why are you bragging on things they are supposed to do yourself anyway? You shouldn’t expect a man to take care of you. I hear a lot of women say “I pay my own bills, I got my own house my own car, I don’t need a man”. So are you saying you only need a man to buy you material things? You should strive to have your own car, house, etc. Why brag about something you are supposed to do. Its like what Chris Rock said about men bragging about taking care of their kids when that’s what you supposed to do any way.

  2. tender says:

    I don’t think men mind you being independent, they just don’t need to reminded..at all! They can see this already so there’s no need to speak on it. Like someone else said,you do need them for other reasons so tell them that. SHOW them that. When you can hold your own, it MAY do something to their ego, so before too much damage is done, play daughter every now and then. They like it.

  3. Morris Chestnut says:

    Not only do I love independent women but it’s one of my requirements. I need a woman who can handle her own, I don’t need a daughter.

    Keep in mind, this is only a starting point. Going forward from there requires a maturity level higher than dependence or Independence… interdependence. If you’re stuck at independence then it just won’t work.

  4. Kris says:

    @EbonyLolita….I feel the same. I usually will date men and let them know that I am fine with my job, house, and vehicle, but let them take over pay for the dates and listen to their advise. I will pamper my man sometimes too, but this comes after he does the same for me. I am not going to take the “Superwoman” cape until kids come (if I have any), but for now I am still the dame in distress that can hold her own for herself. I am comfortable with a man taking the lead because I am doing that at work everyday. I need a man that is strong, intelligent, and a provider still. If we both have the same things going on, that’s even better.

  5. EbonyLolita says:

    I believe that if your an independent woman your actions will speak louder then words. Men don’t need updates that they’re not needed financially. However, they are needed emotionally and for companionship reasons. Any woman who is honest with herself would love to be in a relationship where her emotional/sexual needs are both being met. A huge bank acct is an even better A$$et too. I’ve learned to “play” helpless every once in a while when dating some1 and making my man feel like he goes from Clark Kent to Superman. I think Black Men need that. I’m not too sure of men of other races. Haven’t ventured out……Yet 🙂

    Love EbonyLolita 😉

  6. Zabeth says:

    I think men say a lot things but then end up doing something completely different. I’m not trying to be critical of men here, but a lot of men say that they want a woman who can be independent and hold her own but, when it comes down to it, those are rarely the women they choose a partners. Men still want and need to feel needed- which is fine.

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