POLL: Do You Have A Big Secret You Are Hiding?

womansecretThere’s a saying that goes something like this:  When a girl gets her first big secret that she holds on to for fear of destroying her life or others that is when she becomes a woman.

I’m pretty sure the person meant something serious perhaps a lie, a situation, an indiscretion or other variable that could alter her life forever.  Truth be told, a lot of women have big, bad secrets.

Skeletons, more like it.

That doesn’t make them bad, it just means they had a bit more unique experiences than others.  It’s all about perspective.  Even if the secret was morally wrong, and it was somebody else’s doing, you have to forgive yourself.   Once you hold on that and you are at peace with yourself, the secret begins to lose its hold on you.  No need to shout it out to the world, if you don’t want to.  As long as you know why it’s still a secret, then maybe it’s best kept that way.

Are You Hiding A Big Secret?

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