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POLL: Do Men Have More Power In Relationships?

Power shifts with each level. 

The most power a woman has is in the early stages.  But gradually after sex, power shifts again.  The goal is to keep the power as long as you can even after sex.  It doesn’t have be a power struggle, if both people know the power of their unique, instinctive role.  Or will there always be a power struggle? What do you think?

Who Has More Power In Relationships?

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  • sophia

    I agree with Salena, but unfortunately, there’s not really taking back any power. The price of sex has dropped really low, which was the reason most men used to get married in the first place. So there really isn’t any power women have anymore (ie, not having sex doesn’t work bc men can just go out and get it from someone else) beyond not caring and hoping he notices. If he doesn’t (and eventually he won’t, since a big part of why you’re around is because he wants to have sex with you), then he’s gone.

  • Lauren

    women should take back the power we have been giving away. sex or no sex. if we sleep with them the first night or wait 6 months. real talk. we give them -men-to much credit…………………………………

  • Renee

    If he’s asking, “you have all of the power honey.” But really smart ladies hold the cards.

  • Damalie

    The power of the ‘p.’ Ladies do not know how much power the hold between their legs. When we abuse that power by laying with the wrong men, we lose our power. Before you lay down with some one, make sure they are a quality man. Make sure you have a sense of where the relationship is going and what you want out of the relationship. Because once we lay down with someone, we compromise that power.

  • Maryann

    I agree

  • Salena

    the person that cares the least has the power.

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