Please Stop Talking About “HIM”

By Guest Blogger Mila

One of my best friend’s is suffering from the never-ending guy story. She is an alpha, but she just can’t let this one go. All of us have heard of him before. He is the friend that you started dating but then stopped dating and tried to be friends with and then couldn’t be friends and started dating again and then stopped talking and then tried to be friends again…

It literally never ends. All of your friends get tired of hearing the same stories about this guy. Even you get tired of dealing with the same old story. Truth is it’s time to give it up. Here’s the advice I gave my friend-

– Back off. It’s really easy to keep pushing to fix the friendship. You probably aren’t ready, and he probably isn’t ready. It is better to give each other some time and space. It might even be best to just let it go.

– If it didn’t work the first three times, it’s probably not going to work the fourth time or the fifth time. Sometimes you just have to move on. It’s easy to try to keep fixing something, but that’s like putting a tiny Band-Aid on a cut that needs stitches. It won’t work in the long-run.

– Hang out with your close friends. Take the time to catch up with your other friends. It’ll help you distance yourself from your ex and also give you new people to confide in.

You can’t lose something you never had. That line is from one of my favorite movies, “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”. If your friendship or relationship was broken from the start, then you are better off without it. Every Alphanistas deserves the best. So go after it, and leave that story in the dust heap!

Mila is in her twenties and lives and works in New York City. She loves writing, running, and good music. If there’s a dance party, she’s there.

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