Food Is Not The Enemy!

baked mac n cheese
baked mac n cheese

One of my favorite topics from the vault!  Enjoy!

When you’re blue, think about food.

I am so bored with the whole “food is the enemy” advertising that we have to watch every single bit of it that goes in to our mouths.  Even at McDonald’s they have the calorie counts listed.  Every moment of eating is a decision, a fleeting moment of guilt for many people.  What happened to food helping you feel good.  What’s so wrong with that?  When the therapist runs off, the friends are busy, the husband is away, we can indulge, even for a day.  Be good to ourselves.  Here’s another way to look at: FREE FOOD!  FREE YOURSELF!

Below are some of my favorite comfort foods, when it’s up to us to comfort our own selves and be good to us.  This can take many forms, but I’m focusing on food.  I took some ideas from There Goes the Bride: Making Up Your Mind, Calling it Off and Moving On. I don’t know what’s in these foods, if some are even considered “food”, but enjoy anyway.  Whether you’re feeling blue because of a job, money, a girl, a guy, your health, your dog, your parents, your neighbor, or your parole officer, throw caution to the wind for:

1.  Mac N Cheese with bits of cornbread sprinkled on top

2.  Pour a cup of instant mashed potatoes into a bowl.  Cover with a can of mushroom soup and a little water.  Microwave for 90 seconds.  Fast and filling.  (TGTB)

3.  Grilled cheese sandwich (make sure the bread is Rye)

4.  McDonald’s french fries (TGTB)

5.  Stew in a crockpot (TGTB)

6.  Popeyes two piece chicken w/2 biscuits or chicken biscuit sandwich

7.  Doritos and salsa (TGTB)

8.  Cookie dough ice cream

9.  Margarita (3 please)

10.  Take out! (preferably the traditional fried rice w/chicken and curry puffs from the Thai spot)

What else?


  1. Maryann says:

    @wise glad someone brought it up before I did 🙂 I like to bake chocolate chip cookies and stuff some vanilla ice cream in the middle for a sammich, the cookies are frozen pillsbury dough, its crispy warm and makes me feel much better.
    @cruz LOL everything u said, love the buttery rum cake

  2. Wise Diva says:

    Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip cookies, preferably Mrs. Fields. I actually need a support group for CC cookie addiction!

  3. Cruz says:

    Ben n Jerry’s pistachio ice cream, one hot krispy kreme glazed donut, chipotle chicken fajita burrito, chik-fil-a sandwich and wedges….. all will have me saying “man? what man?” lol…..

    oh and some heavily buttered rum pound cake.

  4. Noisy Girl/ Lovely... says:

    I didn’t know there is oreo with butter pecan ice cream?

    Right now I eat them separately… it’s heaven! So good, I close my eyes and say “hmmm” when eating it.

  5. Noisy Girl/ Lovely... says:

    For some reason, #6 was funny…lol.

    I’ll take some oreo cookies and butter pecan ice cream or Chipotle’s steak fajita burrito…Thanks!

  6. Juicee says:

    my fav topic second to men is food, i really like anything mexican when i need a lift; i make some killa chicken enchiladas, its not as easy at the ones you choose, but it lasts me a few days and i freeze the rest!

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