Oprah Says It Ain’t Ova, Chris

Rihanna on Oprah Next?
Rihanna on Oprah Next?

Oprah had another show on the Chris Brown and Rihanna debacle yesterday.

Special guests on the show included some domestic abusers, their girlfriends, author Kevin Powell, and Robin Givens.

I logged onto Twitter to see what folks said about Kevin Powell, former MTV Real World star.  Personally, I thought he did a good job.  The lighting and background were off, tho.   He’s more attractive in person.  Next, why wasn’t he on the set, and those other guys were?  They were the ones who belonged on Skype.   I was disappointed they didn’t show his book, the Black Male Handbook.  Oh well, when Oprah summons, you go, and you do!

Here are some reviews in case you missed it:

1.  Supavixen: Thank you, Kevin Powell, for telling Oprah that religion is not the answer.

2. DryerBuzz: didn’t get to watch oprah, how did Kevin Powell represent? the searches aren’t looking to good by the keywords people are using

3. mskiwi: oprah had kevin powell and robin givens on her show and robin givens just ripped cbrown to shreds

4. pinksugacupcake: It IS that Kevin Powell! Ugh! He lost some of his shine.

5. yumopress: RT @kokupuff: Oh shit!! Kevin Powell!! The original bitch beater!! LMAO @ his tagline “Former Abuser”. Haaaa at all that!!^^^

6. CDTBK: Woulda rather heard kevin powell speak more about solutions than hear those fools talk about how jesus made then stop abusing women

There you have it.  What did you think of the show?  This issue is getting beaten the crap out of it!


  1. mike says:

    I think Oprah secretly hopes Stedman puts a foot in her ass! That would be geat exceitment for an otherwise boring,marraige-less relationship with a barely black dude. Stedman looks like he gets paid to take pictures with her. There arent many pictures or images of their home life. He shows up to red carpet events with her and to benifit banquets as arm candy. I know you cant wait for HIS tell all…..

  2. Sunshine says:

    I really wish everyone would stop talking about the Rihanna and Chris Brown debacle. This is really not news, especially not at this point. If the girl does not care, then please tell me why should anyone else? I agree with James and Anthony that Oprah is way too involved in their drama. I may open a can of worms here, but hey I believe that a majority (NOT ALL) of women in abusive relationships make that their choice to be involved in it. It is a CHOICE. Please spare me the drama and excuses when a 21yr old millionaire is letting her punk 19yr old man beat her like she doesn’t have a clue. No, I have never been beaten, but I am no stranger to witnessing abuse. It is a CHOICE. What women should do, is CHOOSE to feel better about themselves without a piece of d*$& to validate who they are.

  3. Brotha James, I am absolutely positive Oprah hates black men. I figured that one out a looong time ago.

    Oprah’s goin real hard on this one cuz of her experience growing up.. she’s bringin them too much attention.. sounds as tho she hasn’t faced her own demons yet! Someone should let Oprah know, minding other people’s business won’t help her get over her past especially if she’s still struggling with it now.

  4. Ms. Tee says:

    Wow. I missed it. But I see I didn’t miss TOO much. I bet this is the type of attention Juanita Bynum hoped for to help catapult her career into a new direction.

  5. James says:

    I was very disappointed in this show. She had all black abusers or victims, and one white couple. I am convinced Oprah hates black men. It was unbalanced. Kevin Powell has come a long way since domestic violence and not even sure why he is still being called an abuser. It is troubling. If I were him I would not want to keep being associated with that. It’s stifling when there are more important, yes, important issues at hand. Men and women will fight, physically, mentally, and then some. No amount of laws can stop emotions and human adrenalin.

    Waiting for the next Oprah show: Castrating Men–Ending World Violence

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