Open Relationships Are The New Commitment

Two MARRIED couples in open relationships
Two MARRIED couples in open relationships

Or are they?  An open relationship is when both the man and woman are seeing other people.   Here are some benefits:

1)  Flexibility in time–no one has to be anywhere with anyone.  If you have a date for Saturday, it may or may not happen because it all depends on what is going on with the others in the relationship.  But when you do, it’s usually scheduled days in advance to allow you free time to do other things

2)  Variety–you can meet other people “just in case” the person doesn’t work out, you’re not wasting your time

3)  Communication–it’s clear where you stand, you’re either 1, 2, 3.  No questions, no problems

4)  Freedom–you can call it off at anytime. It was open, not closed!

5)  Companionship–no matter what, you’ll always have someone to call on

(This differs very much from a “complicated” relationships.  Complicated relationships are where the two haven’t admitted it was open.  I would stay away from these folks–drama.)

Below are the disadvantages of open relationships:

1)  Inconsistency–you never know where you are and what you’re doing and that leads to changed plans at the last minute; sex  happens when the two can fit it in.  It may be happening every night for a week, then a dry spell comes along for days, maybe weeks.

2) Money–it’s expensive paying for stuff and buying new outfits to keep looking good

3) Too many partners–hope you have stock in condoms and contraception

4)  Ego issues–everyone wants to be top dog, fighting for limited space and time

5)  Lonliness–that person is never quite “all there” when you need them

Can an alpha be in an open relationship?  It happens if she wants to.  Better be sure she has an objective.  It’s not about right or wrong, but winning.  So, save the self esteem jibberish.   Never underestimate this woman or identify her with common female issues.   If she is in one, she’s going to be ruling the roost.  Unfortunately, some folks find themselves in open relationships without knowing it.


  1. I have an open relationship with my “primary partner”, but I am fist to admit that this type of lifestyle isn’t for “regular folk”. This type of relationship is for the adventurous, the non-conventional. And because I have a short attention span, this lifestyle suits me.

    I’ve always been sexually adventurous though, having jumped back and fourth between having both girlfriends and boyfriends, so because of this, my “primary partner” is never board.

    I wouldn’t change my sexual nature for the world though. I’ve learned a lot and taught a lot. But as I’ve said before, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone!

  2. 3rddeadline says:

    …Boss B, I’m respecting you right now. Takes a lot to confront sticky marital scenarios head-on…and then get past them regardless of how they end up.

  3. Kim says:

    A friend of mine was in a open relationship but he had issues with it because he was cool with him seeing other people but not his mate. Then I know of someone else whose wife does not like sex so she allows him to sleep with other women but she doesn’t want to know about it. People have their reasons for being in an open relationship. Personally, I wouldn’t do it because I don’t have a reason or a desire to sleep with anyone else. One man at a time dammitt!!! That’s just me.

  4. mike says:

    If your lady was a stripper when you met her, then I can understand. You really are just glad she let you hit on a regular basis, You aint really emotionally connected anyway. But anyhow this is wifey…and she never worked as a stripper or hooker or call girl… and you..the “MAN”…agree to let some other cat “BEAT BEAT BEAT” your lady? You most definatly aint “Alpha”.

  5. Heather S. says:

    The man is usually the one to come up with these big ideas. It lets them roam while keeping the home turf safe and secure. With Jada and Marie I think they had NO CHOICE, and bad prenups.

  6. Loving a bottom B says:

    I don’t agree with it but I don’t knock those that do it. I do know people or have meet people who have open relationships. In my mind a open relationship to me is I have my main women and other women on the side. My main women would only have me because I don’t share my bottom women.

  7. Boss B says:

    I’m a textbook alpha female and I was in one. My husband (alpha of course) decided he wanted to see other women. I respected him coming to me so I didn’t lose it. We never had a typical relationship anyway. We agreed on a few things and we both saw other people. Me, my trainer and he, who he saw. After a while it was too much. He became jealous because I was playing it too cool for him. He stopped so did I. It lasted about 1 year or so. We’ve been married for 12. And it’s a closed relationship now and we both know better.

  8. Lamar says:

    You know these may sound great to the some people!But at the end of the day is the Carrot that’s being dangled a stick of Dynamite?

    And what’s the difference from and open relationship and being a swinger?

    The people who are open to this type of lifestyle have to be very secure and have no conscious..With being said at the end of day do want to end up like Shaq and Shunie??You find out that your wife is stepping out on you?I guess with this “OPEN RELATIONSHIP” you would know and not feel like you had a ton of bricks dropped on your head..

    My question is if you are in a ” OPEN RELATIONSHIP” Are the two people Selfish or Unselfish?? Selfish in the fact that they can’t commit to one partner,or Unselfish because they are willing to share there partner?

    Like my good friend says” You Only Go Through Life Once”

  9. James says:

    Wow the pros don’t look so bad. But I couldn’t. Strange answer from a man, maybe, but I like to have sex on regularly and with the same person.

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