Weekend Rewind: Not Everybody is “Thick”, Just Fat


By Guest Blogger Zabeth

Let’s not pretend we don’t all know the difference. Beyonce is what one would call “thick;” Jennifer Hudson on the other hand isn’t…if you get my drift.

You know good and well if you’re over weight or, if you just have some curves. If you’re truly clueless, calculate your BMI.

The real question here is why does unhealthy weight have a stranglehold on black women? There are a myriad of reasons:

America’s Diet

Americans overall are fat. We eat too much fast food consisting of portions large enough to feed a family of five and our lifestyle has become less active.

It’s a Black Thing

I remember purchasing a candy bar at a convenience store the black man behind me said “You’ll get fat eating candy bars,” to which I responded “I work out.” He looked at me surprised and said “Black women don’t work out!” Well this one does and part of me did want to tell him to mind his own business but, what this exemplifies is that a black woman showing an interest in diet and exercise can be viewed as strange and, not something “we” do.

It is true that black men are traditionally more accepting of a woman with a fuller figure but, that should not be used as a scapegoat for taking things to an extreme.

It Makes Life Easier

It does. Excess weight means you don’t have to participate in life. If you feel unattractive due to being overweight you don’t have to do the hard work of being in a relationship. You can’t fear rejection if you’ve already been rejected. I’ve had women tell me this.

It’s also very hard to stay motivated and disciplined.

Lack of Knowledge and Access

As previously stated Americans overall have a horrible diet and, in some communities we grow up exposed to unhealthy food choices. This is something that has to be unlearned. Moreover, research indicates that a person’s class and socioeconomic level can have an effect on their weight (wealthier women tend to be slimmer). This is reflective of a lack of access to quality and healthy foods as well as a lack of information about nutrition.

So what can an alphanista do to stay slim and trim? Try these on for size:

-Get active: hit the gym, go hiking, swim, ride your bike to work.

-Hire a personal trainer or nutritionist to help guide you.

-Purchase a subscription to a fitness magazine like Self, Shape, or Women’s Health

-Unlearn bad food habits.

-Don’t succumb to what others may think.

-Most importantly stay motivated!

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  1. Toya says:

    You do know that certain body shapes are hereditary right? I’ve calculated my BMI for the military and am considered the perfect weight. Im also considered thick by the men around me. Beyonce is toned and doesnt have any fat in the most dangerous area…her abdomen. She is built and carries her weight in the desired areas.

    I used to be super slim so I kind of recognize when women that size seem to be offended by more volumptuous women..im just sayin.

  2. Miss Andi K. says:

    P.S. It is sad that the Black community has these low standards of health and beauty. Women like Angela Bassett, Monica, Meghan Good, Rihanna, and Kelly Rowland will never get kudos because of them.

  3. Miss Andi K. says:

    Beyonce is fat by my standards, and so are 90% of these other Black celebs (i.e. Nikki Minaj, Free, J. Hud, etc.). If you don’t exercise regularly (read: you’re NOT athletic), and your BMI does not match the table, you TOO are fat. By 90% of the world’s standards. Doesn’t matter what you think, this is how it is. lol…

  4. Christine says:

    Im tired of ppl classifying plus size as thick. Im thick..beyonce..Ashanti are thick.Nicki Minaj..Nia Long..Free (former member of 106&park)..Brias Myles…where is the confusion??????? lol I like the part where u said “you can calculate your BMI if your clueless” haha…

  5. Athena Nike says:

    As a fat girl, then, I don’t think beyonce is even thick. She has more fat and muscle in areas where the white standard of beauty does not allow, making her figure more “volumptuous” but she is still quite thin in person. Tyra & kimora are now thick.

  6. babydoll says:

    I think Lisa is one of them girls that know a lot of other females that be posting they pics all over, big as a caddy and calling themselves “miss thickums” when they are FAT. I am so tired of these delusional chicks.

    JHud is beautiful, but she is NOT thick….

  7. Zabeth says:

    In some circles Beyonce is actually considered F-A-T. I recognize that sometimes, some things are hard for people to hear; but sometimes these messages come as a reality check or a wake up call.

    There is a difference between having some meat on your bones and, carrying excess weight and, making excuses for that excess weight by referring to it as “thickness.” The reality is that “thick” is a lot closer to being thin than it is to being fat.

    And no one said Jennifer wasn’t beautiful.

  8. Heather S. says:

    Why are we ignoring the valuable healthy info and focused on the celeb aspect? We need to really get ourselves in shape and IT IS a black issue. A black woman problem.

  9. Simone says:

    @Lisa Beyonce is thick and Jennifer is fat, that is the truth right there. Nothing wrong with thick but when its unhealthy its a health issue. It is NOT cute.

  10. Lisa says:

    I don’t know what black women you have been around, but if you think beyonce is thick then you are confused lol.. Jennifer may or may not be thick, but she is still a beautiful girl.

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