No (Real) Hope And Change

By Guest Blogger Zabeth

Obama is not a savior he’s a politician. If you don’t see that by now- I don’t know what to tell you.

It was annoying last Tuesday night listening to people explain away Republican Senator Scott Brown’s  win in Massachussets. Instead of looking at the situation as a referendum on Obama’s presidency and what is and isn’t working, people made it about racism and sexism, referencing the old adage that “Black people have to work twice as hard and blah blah.”

Someone described Brown’s win as the “revenge of Sarah Palin;” but that begs the question, are Obama, Brown, and Palin that much different? Are their qualifications and legislative experiences that varied? Another person tweeted “Sometimes I feel that the mainstream media is invested in having Pres. Obama fail.” The mainstream media has consistently been in the tank for Obama- they helped him win the election. CNN even fact checked a Saturday Night Live skit about Obama. Obama wouldn’t have won the presidency without the support of the media and a substantial number of white people. This isn’t about racism or the media it’s about Obama not living up to the hype.

The fact that Obama has backed away from many campaign promises can no longer be ignored. We’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan- with a troop surge. The future of Guantanamo is in question. Regarding health care, Obama promised that the debate would be open and moderated by the people; closed door and back room deals are what we got instead.

In his first month in office Obama outspent Bush, plunging the country further into debt. Instead of owning up to the economic problems facing the country he continues to blame the previous administration. This is not to say that the Bush administration isn’t at fault, but at some point you must take responsibility for your policies and decisions and how well they have and/or haven’t worked. Obama further discredited himself by appointing a man who couldn’t pay his own taxes as head of the Treasury- a man who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) pay his taxes is now responsible for establishing tax policy. For someone who believes in “spreading the wealth” Obama certainly has a hard time finding policy makers who put that theory into practice.

Too many African Americans think that because we now have a black president all of our problems will be solved- this without doing any individual self reflection. This type of mindset is dangerous. It’s no surprise that the Black community is still largely in the same situation we were in in 2009. Obama was elected as America’s president, therefore his focus will be issues of prime importance to the country and not African American issues alone. He can’t afford to show favoritism.

Obama has lost clout for many reasons. It’s even becoming questionable whether or not his own party still respects him. The Republican win in Massachusetts signals a change in American politics; disenchanted Americans who were promised hope and change but instead got more of the same.

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  1. Zabeth says:

    Here’s a question;

    If Obama were a Black Republican or White would we be asking that he be given a “fair shot?” Would people be making the same claim that he needs to find his way first?

  2. Pampermimi says:

    People listen to what you are saying…. Are you really giving the man a fair shot? What can you really get accomplished in a year, in an economy that was spiraling downwards before he got there. I’m not defending just not being judgmental; every person is due a fair shot. Did we impeach Bush and his Administration when the lies about his campaign didn’t surface in a year? What happen to trial and error eventual he will find his way, give the man a fair chance!

  3. MelRose says:

    Zabeth, You wrote a very honest and truthful blog. You have written what is being said by many of my person and self alike. The ‘knee jerk’ comments are expected but those people need to really sit down and think about what is happening with our country and how President Obama’s actions are really impacting it.

  4. Salena says:

    And Rome was built in a day! I echo the sentiments of Jamie Lynn. How can you expect him to accomplish all he has in a year. Yes, he is the president, but he still has to go to the House and Senate to get bills past. Or are you not aware of that? Yes, politics is all about back room deals and even though you may start with one agenda, you have to compromise to get things done. Is that flip flopping, I call it compromising. Obama administration has been tested so many times in his one year, and he has handled it all very well. His actions and spending probably saved the economy from getting worst, but he is just one person and he can’t do it all by himself.

  5. Emm says:

    I voted for him it is only a year since. But he is just too flip floppy for me. He should have been a Republican. All his interests are about that and the banks, this and the banks.

  6. jamie lynn spears says:

    HOW DARE YOU? After what this man has sacrificed for this country and his family?! It is only a year! He is not a magic magician. Another black male stereotype. He is an everyday man doing his best.

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