No More Excuses, Black Women


It’s time for a new look.  Please, don’t get offended.  White women did this ages ago with Jackie O.  It’s tradition that the first lady look the part of an American woman, for she represents the American woman.  But with Michelle, you better believe, black women are going to be watching her very closely and they should.  Here’s a woman who doesn’t wear weaves, who works out, and though not a drop dead beauty, as a refined beauty that she has learned to work with and enhance.  Her look is clean, neat, and fresh.  It’s quiet, but ambitious.  Colors are soft, maybe a surprise of bold, like red or purple here and there.  What I enjoy most about Michelle’s look is its naturalness. It’s clean.  (Yes, I know I said that already.)  A look that needs very little, but says a whole lot. 

Unfortunately, when I see some black women it’s just overkill.  The straight hair weave down the back, the fake eyelashes, the nails, the tight fitted clothes, the harsh makeup and jewelry.  It’s just too much.  And granted, I’m not talking about “ghetto” women, I am talking about black corporate women who when they go out afterwork they just either do too much or not enough.  It doesn’t look effortless.  It doesn’t look clean.  Clean.  That’s Michelle.  Her nails are short, buffed and natural looking.  It’s not boring, it’s very feminine.  She has a soft, nurturing nature that makes you wanna sit down and drink tea together.  It doesn’t matter how she is behind doors, she looks friggin great.

With all that said, black women can take a hint.  Leave the weaves, alone, to start with.  Unless you are a cancer patient, you don’t need a weave or a wig.  Unless you are over 75 years old and your hair has fallen out, you don’t need extensions.  Unless you’re a star singer or actress, you don’t need it, period.  Just the thought of taking a needle to my head, is crazy, just to fit into a look that women think men want.  Pulease, men have no idea what they like in a woman until they see it.  We already do brazilian waxes, and that’s enough.  There’s beauty in all kinds of hair styles, even the thinnest or kinkiest of curls.  With all the hair products on the market, if you took the time, you can work with your hair.  Yes, relaxed hair is fine.  I am just speaking on added, new hair.  The only problem I have with Michelle is her eyebrows.  But hey, we can’t all be perfect.

Michelle is also the perfect indication that no, not all black women are prone to be fat or have to be after their first child.  If black men can learn something from Obama’s win, black women can start jotting a few things down, too.  No more excuses.  Anymore.


  1. milesnmilesostyle says:

    I say to each her own as far as style/hair is concerned — WITHIN reason. PLEASE, by all means be appropriate in whatever situation you find yourself. But for the most part, it’s all relative and therefore (simply) a matter of opinion. Everyone has one. For instance, there are some (other black folks, usuallly), who still think that natural hairstyles/locs/braids are somehow inappropriate for the corporate world of work. In some cases they can be, depending on that persons grooming habits — but not simply due to being natural. By the same token, women choose to wear hair weaves/extensions for a myriad of reasons. Many times it has nothing to with her status in life, what she has (or hasn’t) accomplished, or self esteem. Believe it or not, it’s not that DEEP for everyone. I’ve encountered many a positive, motivated, successful sister with impeccable outward taste and style, that *happened* to be wearing a weave (or dreads, or braids) — not trying to double as Ghetto Rapunzel… Again, as long as you aren’t looking like a spectacle, and are presenting yourself well, by all means — rock on sis… Everyone is not gonna come off like Michelle Obama (or wants to, for that matter). Of course we are all proud of her, but not everyone shares her aesthetic. Hell, I’m sure she doesn’t even dress herself! Develop YOUR OWN personal style, that represents where/who/what you are, and what YOU like.

    Yes we DO need to do better, but a lot of times, we as black women/people beleaguer the most pointless issues. We’re knocking racist whites out the way, trying to box EACH OTHER into stereotypical BS… “She’s got that fake WEAVE in her head”, or “where’s he going w/them nasty looking dreads”. If anything, that’s where improvement needs to start… that makes us look worst of all.

  2. Sandy says:

    I love this post! 🙂

    I’ve always had a style similar to that of Michelle Obama’s…. but then again I have had an upbringing similar to her’s as well. My mother and the other women in my family have been and raised me to be a woman of class, sophistication and refinement and I have maintained that legacy. Needless to say Mrs. Obama is a breath of fresh air for me and my friends because we finally have a someone that is much more of a reflection of us than all the video girls and tacky black female entertainers trotting across the television screen.

    As an educated young black woman in her early twenties, I am truly beginning to understand why so many educated black men have chased after me and my friends so profusely in recent years. Education aside, it definitely has much to do with our somewhat conservative appearances and styles of dress. The appearance of the average black woman I see out and about in daily living is quite disappointing and unfortunate. Omg, the extravagant weaves, loud nails and flashy clothing are absolutely disturbing. All in all, I definitely hear, respect and understand what you are saying here…..

    So many of my black sister’s have got to do better.

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