My Let Go Plan: Never Thought It Could Happen

By Guest Blogger *Nadine Samuel

I am the Eternal Optimist!

I am always the one there for friends for a shoulder to lean, cry, and shake on. I lend an ear and hand to anyone who needs. I arranged blind dates that have led to marriage, I share my resources, and I even have a small prayer group where I call everyone each morning and bless them for 30 seconds before we move on to our busy days. I give and give. Until one day, I was like WTF! What have I received? I have given to every one but myself. Friends around me are getting closer to God, moving away, getting married, pregnant, starting new jobs, and I am still>>>>>here<<<<. Until I stumbled on Alphanista.

I had never heard of 9 Tuesdays, treatments or novenas. I immediately bought the program after I signed up as a subscriber. It was almost like I was hit by an avalanche! The program was magnetic. I read it in one night. I immediately felt a change the moment I started my first treatment. It was like the Universe was saying: “It’s about time you put you ahead again!” I wasn’t doing this for a date, but a husband.

That first week at work was momentous. I was getting compliments from my boss about my style and dress. I dressed like that all the time! I also had old friends call out the blue, two did that first week. These were friends who I had missed.

By the 4th week, I met him. Actually one of the old friends, introduced me to this amazing man! This man is stable, attractive, funny, and normal. He is way ahead of me in the relationship game. Meaning he can TALK! He expressed himself and how he feels. I NEVER have to figure anything out. From our first conversation, I just knew that my intention was answered. We went on a few dates, and he was cool. I found out he was divorced, and he is ready to marry again. I met his family.

We did not kiss or anything until I was done with the treatments! It was worth the wait.

This was 6 months ago! We have been talking engagement and are looking at rings. Everyone is like, “Wow, how did you do it?” It had been years since I had a stable man in my life, and then poof!

I thank Alphanista and 9 Tuesdays for opening up my world and creating a shift. I plan to do it again. Sometimes, fears come up that are normal because I want this to work so bad. And it will. I deserve it, and he does, too.

Best thing is, it’s my little secret.   Thank you!

Nadine Samuel lives in Baltimore, MD and is currently a high school school teacher.  Every now and then women will blog about their 9 Tuesdays experiences with hopes to inspire others.  Send yours to me at  *Names have been changed for privacy.


  1. Pampermimi says:

    Congratulations Nadine!! What ever you want speak it into existence. I’m going on my third week and you just gave me hope to keep moving forward.

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