Need A Big Girl Time Out?

This Time It Ain't You!

By Guest Blogger Karen Vaughn

Every morning we put on our superwoman cape and take on what ever the world throws at us…literally. But when our super powers begin to dwindle, we become overwhelmed and stressed out.  Here are my five tips for beating stress and working towards balance.

Stay organized. Chaos and balance will never mix. Being unorganized can slow down your productivity and bring on stress in a big way. Get things in order now to save you a head-ache later.  Click here for my Get Organized at Work tips.

Sort it out. We are masters at solving problems. Some situations are just harder to sort than others. Take baby-steps and work  through the issue slowly. Make a list as to how you can work through the situation and follow through with it.

Get some rest. Sometimes we cannot work through a situation because we are to physically drained to deal with it. Take a power nap if you can. If not, step out side and get some fresh air. And when you get home, try to go to bed early.

Ask for help. Why do we always feel we have to do it alone. That is what family, friends and co-workers are for…support, love and   assistance.  SEEK, ASK & BUILD!

Love. As you move through your day do everything with love. Take time to give and show love and your will receive love.

Even Wonder Woman has some tough days.  Now, we may not have an invisible jet and golden bracelets but we can work it out.

Karen Vaughn is a top rated major market radio personality whose keep it real approach and sister-friend point of view can be hear on Star 99.7 in Charleston, SC and via her blog

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    Nodding head in agreement. I agree you should take time out to streamline your life. You can’t be an Alphanista and live in your own world of mental clutter 🙂
    Love, EbonyLolita 🙂

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