Weekend Rewind: My Sex, My Way….


This one deserves a day of its own!  Enjoy this blast from the past for our weekend rewind.  A Classic!


By Guest Blogger, The Hooker Chronicles

I have to admit it.

Being African American and growing up in a predominantly African American community has been a hindrance for me sexually, as it is for MOST African Americans who grew up in a similar community as mine.  As African Americans we are constantly taught by our Baptist church going, bible toting grannies and aunties that sex is nasty, especially anal and oral.  It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I decided to buck everything I had learned from my family, and take on my sexual experience with a vengeance.

So armed with my promiscuity and slight intellect, I sought out to prove that what I had learned from church was nothing more than insignificant cultural brain washing.

First things first – I had to learn about other cultures, including ancient ones, and their views on sex and religion.  That search led me to the ancient teachings of the Kama Sutra.  Even in the ancient cites of Tibet and India, the followers worshiped sex deities (Gods), and one in particular was “YabYum”.  Unlike Jesus, YabYum had a wife, and their sexual union was the essence of the entire religion.  Whenever you saw statues of the God YabYum, it was usually him in a sexual act with his wife.  These types of deities and theologies were abundant before the European Christian Crusades destroyed them all and introduced the world to Christianity.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to spread my anti-Christian message to the masses, because that’s not my duty or desire.  I’m just here to present you with truth, facts, and an unconventional way of viewing sex.

Because lets face it- the world is too large and too old to be hanging onto one little simple minded idea, that we all seem to have learned from our rather simple minded communities.

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    Love the debate between Cipher & Josie BTW 🙂
    Anywhore, I believe that you should get all viewpoints of Sex. Unfortunately the Black Community doesn’t foster that same belief. There is the real world approach, the religious approach, the emotional approach and finally the Medical Approach. Now, in the context of a relationship PPL will do ANY and EVERYTHING. I have done things that would make my parents burn their eyes&ears. But, I did it taking into account all the approaches that I named above. I find that I have a pretty wild, yet socially responsible sex Life. I would not put myself or anyone at risk emotionally and try to make decisions to leave certain experiences to fantasy b/c I know that I won’t benefit from it due to one or more of the approaches listed.
    The Black Communities attitude of hiding behind religion is killing us due to lack of dialogue. And please my relationship w/God is tighter then a virgin on prom nite *IknowIain’tish* I just think that with the dialogue including all the approaches our #’s of STD/AIDS/Pregnancies will decline. Just my 10cents worth of opinion. Good post THC 😉

    Love, EbonyLolita 🙂

  2. Loving a bottom B says:

    The ignorance is deafening. Fight the good fight THC and Cypher because the points you are making are being missed or not understood.

    Organized religion is very flawed and used to control people. History has proven this to be fact. Do not mistake organized religion with someone being religious, spiritual or having a relationship with god . They are different and distinct subjects. Organized religion is the problem. Not all but many churches are corrupt and have been. It has created an environment where people relying to much on others for their wisdom and understanding as well as their building a relationship with god and how to act. The church should only be used to worship in his house and praise him with other believers. People need to understand the only way to build a relationship with god is through direct contact and communication with him. He has provided us with all the tools we need to have a direct relationship with him and this can be done without a middle man. Gods only son stated it himself that the road to god is narrow.

  3. Ms. Tee says:

    LOL! Ya’ll wilding out!

    I happen to agree with Hooker on this one. In a recent relationship seminar I led, a guy asked why he can’t meet a woman who was a church girl in the streets and a freak in the bed and I told him that was virtually impossible because if she was raised as a devoted church girl there is no way she was ever taught how to be a freak. In fact, she was probably conditioned to be ashamed of her sexual desires. Even if he attempted to “train” her it would take a while to undo the conditioning of her mind.

  4. The Hooker Chronicles says:

    WOW, I never got that memo that said I failed or was a failure! Can you re-send it? LOL

    You don’t even know me, but yet, you are on attack mode simply because I choose “sex work” as my prefered lifestyle and business. That’s kinda typical for outsiders!

    I have underground communities, forums, workshops, teleclasses, and fan clubs full of people who are interested in ME. I write daily to an audience of THOUSANDS who ADORE my opinion!

    And although my opinion and work may be diffrent than the usual opinion and job, it’s valued greatly by those that seek it, and get it!

  5. Maryann says:

    let’s just take a breath…..(whew!) i thought the emphasis on sex and AIDS was impt, our community is suffering now because of it; whether its church or something else, we can all contribute to fixing this problem in some way….

  6. Josie says:

    Who said I’m judging, Cypher? I can’t believe you are still trying your hand at comparing Hitler to the Baptist church and our community. Fuckery at its finest. I can see you saying the Catholic Crusades but comparing him to the Baptist church to ppl because of their conservative views is illogical. Ppl who have been oppressed for centuries who’ve made miraculous progress since then partly because of our discipline is not acceptable. To ppl who want to preserve our families and equip us (the one’s who represent our community) whiling dealing with this cruel world. How dare you. Moreover, you make absolutely no sense. Like, none at all.

    My nickname in my family is Josephine Baker. I push the envelope. I’ve messed up a lot and made strides at the same time. I have stories to tell. I live with no regrets. I respect to an extent ppl who move away from the norm but never in my life have I seen a person succeed at doing it like the Hooker. Her formula has failed many times. I want to see her outcome.

    There are various sects that embrace the various lifestyles so again… shut the hell up. LMAO.

    Sex is the most powerful & scared tool we have. We all have the option to use it for short term or long term gain.

    You are not winning this debate by the way. Simple ass, SMDH, going to compare the Baptist church to Hitler…yeah, I have to roll my eyes @ you on this one. Then, going to waste my time with your Hitler spill. A hot mess. I bet you aren’t even black with that crap.

  7. cypher says:

    @THC..I’m not mean, I’m wonderfully real! ;^) And know thanks to Josie, I have a crazy image of my grandmother showing me how to give head (God Bless her)…”Now baby, hold the shaft like this…” LMAO

    People for real, get a grip, it’s only conversation and discussion

  8. cypher says:

    @josie: take a Ritalin and get a grip, seriously. If you think someone has disrespected the Lord, bless them and move on. As long as YOU don’t go against your beliefs, who are you to judge ANYONE if they don’t see things the way you do? That’s life, deal with it and move on! Have some herbal tea and calm your nerves…

    As far as my comment about Hitler (since lunacy hit you before reason), he was a politician who played off of one slight difference of a group of people and was able to use that small difference to gain political leverage…and that difference scared a lot of people into silence and inaction…just like fear scares people about being silent about their sexuality.

    Religion is a powerful tool that (at times) forces people to suppress (?) who they are sexually. I want someone to tell me (logically, not emotionally) how an institution (such as religion) says, “come as you are, but if you’re promiscuous or gay, keep it to yourself?”

    Sex is wonderful and should be celebrated…I may not be down with the way THC gets it or even Josie (who probably doesn’t get it), or my grandmother (who, by the way, did NOT show me how to give head), but to each his own.

    Intolerance (religious, sexual, racial) is still intolerance. And intolerance is prevalent in the black church, get mad all you want.

  9. @Josie

    I too would like to see the outcome of my life! Wouldn’t we all?

    Im just a girl who thinks and moves outside the box, and it’s worked in my favor ever since I was a kid. From being 10 years old and obsessed with the Motown music, to my unusual love of being an escort. It has all worked in my favor so far.

    And when the God and Goddess see me fit to do something else, they will direct my path. Hell, I may even one day make a living off writing my story. You never know 😉

    BTW, don’t be so mean Cypher

  10. Josie says:

    Okay where do I start…

    @ Hooker: God gives you desires but just like everything if it’s ABUSED you will suffer unfavorable consequences. This is not a lesson from my God but everyone’s God, gods & goddesses. This is like one of the fundamental rules of life. Do me a favor no matter what happens to you as long as the site is up please continue to post, the good, bad and ugly. I really want to see your outcome.

    You’re claiming multiple gods, denouncing our community & family, praising sex for pay, got those pics up on your site, praising women who caused uproars in history but who died under unfavorable circumstances, you are basically going against everything to get by and pay the bills.

    I’m not saying you are good nor bad, I just want to see the outcome of your experiment.

    Times change, technology does as well. Life circumstances don’t, every generation struggled. You will have to make important decisions sooner or later.

    @Cypher: Shut the Hell up! I can’t believe you are comparing Hitler to our church folks. I was never taught that sex was bad. What do you want, your grandmother to teach you how to properly suck d*ck? We need those ppl to stay exactly how they are so we can always get the basics when needed. My family had ties to the entire community so I knew everyone from the politicians to the neighborhood hookers. My grandmother taught me not to judge anyone and taught I could find life lessons in everyone. She even noted the neighborhood hooker’s who came by the speak to my grandmother from time to time for her toughness. Also, PLEASE take an entry level statistics course so you’ll see the statistics is a bunch of crap anyway. That noise you are mentioning is along the same line as all black men are on the DL. They need the numbers to keep the funds coming. I’m not shunning anyone…but I will not take lightly disrespect to my God, my race, my culture. The Hooker is not doing anything new.

  11. cypher says:

    Josie, some simple minded ideas nearly annihilated entire groups of people…Hitler’s simple minded idea that Jews were evil is what lead them into the camps and the ovens. Racial cleansing started with simple mindedness.

    The black community has been taught forEVER that sex is bad to the point that it’s killing us, specifically Black women. Why do you think the highest cases of HIV/AIDS in the black community (WOMEN) is in the BIBLE BELT?!

    Don\’t you think it’s simpleminded to continue to SHUN/ignore individuals that have embraced their sexuality because it may not be in alignment with yours? OR ignore ideas that are a little alternative? That’s what’s hurting us now!

    Sometimes what holds us back is the FEAR of letting go of what we\’ve been taught, even when it CLEARLY doesn’t make sense.

  12. Please don’t misunderstand the meat of this post. I am in no way discounting the struggles and victories of our communities through the ages. Im speaking in terms of sex and our experiences. And for some reason we hold on to the assertion that God will punish you for having a desire that is supposedly “God given”!

    And believe it or not, Im not all that confident, Im just open to the experience of learning new strategies to this game called “life”!

  13. Josie says:

    Wow, the little minded ideas our communities instilled in us got our ppl through a lot throughout the centuries. I think your angle is disrespectful.

    It’s nothing wrong w/ exploring history but, maybe your aunties knew the power of puss and its down side. They probably were trying to protect you so that you wouldn’t one day become a hooker. Oh well…

    “Hooker” you have a lot of confidence now but your story isn’t over…

  14. Loving a bottom B says:

    The black community is naive to sex and that why we have such a high Aids rate. Sexual education is very important as well as sexual awareness and understanding. Education on issues solves a lot of problems. Also we have women and yes some men in 2009 who are still against oral sex. You cannot live in the dark ages in the new ages.

  15. I remember watching the History channel right around the time the book “The Da Vinci Code” was released, and they were talking about the idea of Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene. Well I asked my Grandmother who is a Pentecostal church missionary about that idea, and she nearly bit my head off. It was as if the idea of Jesus having a woman was a sacrilege or something. She pretty much ridiculed me to her church, as well as with other family members.

    I even had one aunt tell her church congregation to pray that a disaster happen to me to make me a “believer”. Little does she know; the God and Goddess that I worship would NEVR let anything negative happen to me just so others can prove a point!

  16. wanda says:

    Researching different cultures will always lead you to question things taught by your own religious background. Simple minded ideas given to us are not always practiced.Sometimes it’s just a way to keep the peace. As adults we all have choices on how we want to have sex and how it affects our religious belief.

  17. Yes, the reason why our children are getting pregnant and contracting STD’s at an alarming rate is because of our lack of sex education and responsibility. We think that if we avoid the discussions, that our kids won’t figure out SEX.

  18. James says:

    Very good points. The Black comm is too closed in still despite all the salicious rap videos, look at our AIDS numbers! We need to be more open.

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