My Let Go Finale: Tired of Being Single! NEW!

I'm finished!
I'm finished!

By Guest Blogger Anastasia Simmons

I finished my treatments!

I did my last Tuesday, last night. What a relief. It was definitely a commitment. I almost forgot one Tuesday, but I made it through. I decided to take a little break from my “mystery man”. Not because anything at all happened. Everything has been dreamy. But with the treatments and him in my life at the same time things had been intense. I told him I need one week to digest everything. He doesn’t know about the treatments.  Nobody knows!  Nobody will understand.

I need the time to see how I feel without us talking everyday, and how he feels. I can see myself engaged to this man. We even hint around a future together. But I read this blog all the time, and know that I have to keep my expectations “tempered”.  One of the best parts is he does not know or dated anyone in my circle!  He’s not in my social circle at all.  This makes it easy for me to meet new people in other circles.  When we’re together people ask me, “How did you meet/find him?”  I love it!  He found me.

I could not imagine myself taking a “breather” from a happy situation before! I was always so super intense with a man. When it was good, I wanted GREAT. I was always available, always ready. Now, I feel more confident, more intuitive, and more sure, definitely more vulnerable. Next Tuesday, we have a date planned, and it’s gonna seem so crazy not having to do the treatments. A little scared. But I know I can start any time again to get back in control. I like to think of 9 Tuesdays as my own “magic” book, my secret. I plan to use it for other requests too for health and money.

If you haven’t bought this ebook yet, you are putting your love life on hold. It may not happen overnight like it did with me, but it’ll happen. I’ll keep you all posted!

Anastasia lives in NYC.  From time to time, women will blog about their experiences using the 9 Tuesdays: Let Go Plan.  To protect their privacy, questions should be left on blog or emailed to for forwarding.

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  1. Shermayne M Brown says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful experience with 9 Tuesdays!!! I’m inspired to try myself. Congrats on all the good coming your way!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

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