I'm finished!
I'm finished!

By Guest Blogger *Jada Rahman,

I purchased 9 Tuesdays last month as a 2010 move to be engaged by before 2011.

I made a deal with myself that I would be ready to take it to the next step to have a man in my life. Unlike other females, my problem was not that I wasn’t meeting men, it was me. I met men all the time, going out, buying coffee, jogging, you name it. Thing was that I didn’t let them see who I really was. I just conformed to what I thought they wanted. If I dated a corporate guy I’d be the “classy” girl discussing wine, golf outings, reading the Wall Street Journal and keeping it sexy. If I was with an “around the way” guy I’d be more jeans and heels, cuss more, and change my “diction”. If I was with an artsy man, well, you get the picture–long, boho skirts all day. LOL. Then, I realized they all would leave eventually. Nine Tuesdays helped me understand so much about myself, and really let go.

On my first week, three men from my past called me just to see how I was doing. That was crazy because I hadn’t spoke to each one in over two years. Random. One I actually would consider a prospect who is so open with me with his feelings that he’s teaching me to do the same, not verbally but just modeling to me what emotionally maturity is like.  I am on Week 3 now, I have a date with him. I have already decided I was not going to make any firm decisions like the program said, and just keep up with my treatments. I feel like a whole new person already–me.

I’ll keep you posted!

Jada Rahman is a paralegal at a major law firm in NYC and currently enrolled in a top law degree program. She lives in Harlem, NY.

*names have been changed to protect privacy.  Send me your 9 Tuesdays stories asap!


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