MY LET GO PLAN: A Man For The Holidays?

I'm finished!
I Need To Change My Atmosphere!

By Guest Blogger *Cheri Williams

I took up the challenge to find a man before the end of the year without looking for one.

I got an email from Alphanista that suggested that if I started last Tuesday, it may very well happen.

It’s not like I don’t meet men all the time because I do.  I really do.  I just meet the ones who think they are too sexy for marriage.  They are over 40, successful, childless and want to stay that way.  I’m part of a NYC social circle that knows everyone. I am not rich.  Just a wanna be socialite.  The girls in this circle, are at every party you can think of.  They claim to be “together” and “independent” but they are out there searching for that man like everyone else.  Almost 40, over 40, leaving in a dream world.  I made a decision that I won’t be spending 2010 like this.  I am through with the “crew”.  I am through being one of the many females hanging out wanting to get picked, while posing like it’s good.  Oh, you think guys don’t notice this about us?  They do.  Especially when there are 7 men at a party and 22 females.

I am not religious or even spiritual, but I’m willing to learn something new.  I don’t want to be like every other female. I want to challenge myself to change my destiny.  Because right now, I am at a fork in the road. I can stay partying with these fake people in my life, or do something to bring more couples, more emotionally available men, and more love into my world.  After a while, I rather be in the arms of my man than the 100th girl at the club.

After I downloaded the program, that same night, I told a friend about 9 Tuesdays. She asked me “why am I making a man so important?”  I told her maybe because I want to?  What’s wrong with me wanting a man in my life?  If I had told her I wanted a pair of new Louboutins she would have drivene me to the store!  It just doesn’t make sense!

I’m ready to meet “him” this year–a man who wants to settle down, have a family and is emotionally available, damn, even more than me, maybe.   I’m ready to fall in love and be in love again.  I finished my first Tuesday, and already feeling a difference in me.  I’ll be blogging all the way till Dec 8th.  Look out!

Names have been changed for privacy.  From time to time guest bloggers will post about their 9 Tuesdays experience.  Cheri Williams is 34 and an associate at a Park Ave law firm in New York, NY.


  1. Athena Nike says:

    Yes, let the fakers go!!! Step outside the status quo, find out something new about yourself and draw new people, preferable male, handsome, stable, and marriage minded into your life.

  2. Heather S says:

    Cheri good luck 2 u. I did not meet anyone (YET) I got fired and received a promotion for a $10K raise.

  3. Destiny says:

    Cheri just stay focused and finish AND don’t be like me. I forgot a few Tuesdays, and I finally did it right. That was earlier this year! I am in a very good relationship, but I had a CLOSE one that I thought was THE ONE right after my treatments. That didn’t work, and soon after I met my love. Just be prepared for the whirlwind! I can’t explain it.

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