Every Girl Needs GTFs

I like to eat.

Every chick needs to have two things in life: A hobby, and go-to foods (GTFs).   My go-to foods help me through life.  They are there when I can’t think of what to cook or eat.  They satisfy every taste–salty, crispy, creamy and sweet.   Go-to foods help you get over that break-up, cozy up to your favorite program, website, and are easy, no fuss.   Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty from enjoying the fruits of your labor.   You work hard.  You deserve this.

If you are a food nazi, please skip this post now.  Any derogatory posts about the foods below will be deleted.  This blog is the only place I can be me, say what I want, eat what I want.  I’m grown, I can discern.


Check out what I like:


Popeyes Garlic Butter Shrimp w/fries and biscuit…mmmm…garlicky butterness!


These taste like real brownies, Desperate Housewives on Sunday type food, I love these after dinner too, in bed.


This was my winter treat.  I don’t know if it’s still in the stores, but mercy.  Tastes like the cake, and had a crunchiness to it that talked back to me!

This is my latest fixation.  I make half and safe the rest in the bag for next time.  You can’t mess these up!   We get all nervous when it’s time to use that blender mixing and measuring, but everything is here for you.  Just add milk.  I use skim.


I stacked up on this on a cross country trip from NYC to Las Vegas.  I have it piled in my cupboard.  Love it.  Eat it slow though, it can be a little hard like a real apple.


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